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How to promote the container transport

by:CNS     2020-05-23
Container shipping with its incomparable superiority, become an important transport history stages of technological revolution. Container transportation in our country, due to various reasons, a late start, development not balanced, affects the container freight comprehensive, high-speed tuxedo. In order to effectively improve the backwardness of the container freight car in our country, make it adapt to the needs of economic development, must actively guide and promote the development of automobile container transport has a larger. Concrete measures are: ( A) Use newspapers, radio, television, expand the propaganda, raise their awareness of container transport advanced, economical, for the development of container freight way. ( 2) According to the state encourages the development of new transportation forms of relevant policies and regulations, for the automotive container transport for investment, financing, loans and preferential policies to actively support the development of container freight. ( 3) Learn advanced experience, based on in-depth investigation, make container freight car in our region development planning, advocates car container transport. ( 4) Requirements, according to the process of container freight flow up to rationalize and iron, and water, to the relationship between highway transportation departments, carry out combined transport, improve cohesion and organization auto container multimodal transport group, development to jilt hang transportation, for the development of the automobile of container cargo transport to jilt hang transportation, pave the way for the development of container freight. ( 5) Break the regional boundaries, to provide set incubator freight distribution, loading and unloading, and machine matching and venues, storage conditions, such as from global, the consolidation and development of container freight, and constantly sum up experience, the perfect car container freight management, formulate relevant rules and regulations, promote the development of container transportation.
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