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How to reduce the pet casualty rate in air transport ( On)

by:CNS     2020-07-17
How to reduce the pet casualty rate in air transport ( On) Nowadays, pet transportation has become one of the important services of airports and airlines. According to statistics, every holiday, as the festival atmosphere to heat up, the demand for pet transportation services will increase. Pet owners is unwilling to pets to the pet shop alone, and want to stay around them. But if the pet damage or death tragedy, pet owners can't use the money to repair damage from the heart. So, how can reduce the pet casualty rate in air transport? One, make sure your pet in aerobic space first, we need to understand the pet air transportation in two ways. There are two types of pet transportation channels: one kind is random transport channel, the other is a air freight channel. The so-called & other; Random transportation throughout the &; Means that the pet owner take flight, follow the owner sitting in the cabin, the pet in the baggage hold, and owners can receive pet after it reached the destination. But random transport price is relatively high; “ This means that the pets will be inspected by the airlines cargo transport services. Pets may arrive at the airport, or the owner may arrive at the airport first, and then wait for the pet to arrive. In addition, must increase the problem of oxygen. According to the regulation of the international air transport association (iata), random delivery of pet is placed on aircraft baggage compartment door, the last one is, the first to be get out. At present, most domestic aircraft would circulate oxygen, the oxygen from the cabin and is pressed into the trunk, so the car is similar to the cabin temperature. It should be noted that each airline is likely to whether can you check for a certain type of aircraft pets have different rules. Passengers can plane type can be found on the airline's website. If you can register a pet, you need to query the airline you are flying. However, there are carriers may, in the case of pet examination on the day of change model, and may change the model of baggage compartment of the aircraft could not provide oxygen. For this kind of force majeure, the passenger should confirm with airlines, before going to the airport to make sure that the pet in the aerobic environment inspection. Oxygen is the foundation of the pets live in the process of transportation. Second, pet box should be strong and firm airlines for the placement of pet has a regulation, often need to use the special flight case to the transport of pets. Provisions of China southern airlines, for example, the biggest air transport of animal passengers box packing volume should not exceed 40 cm & times; 60 cm & times; 100 centimeters, the minimum volume should not be less than 5 cm & times; 15 cm & times; 20 centimeters, maximum weight must not exceed 32 kg. To the requirement of other airlines, it is recommended that passengers when buying flight case consulting airlines they are flying. Although many of the passengers in the check the pet is used when the flight case, but there are some events that pet rush out from the air tank, mainly because no tightening of flight case before shipping, and the door is not locked. In order to prevent the accident, the passengers can do the following. First of all, should use the special flight case. It must be made of solid materials, fixed to the top It is best to steel structure) , the door must have a locking device and is solid metal. The door is closed, should prevent the pet opened the door to escape. Also need to sack or pads under the chassis, lest cause pet urine and urine leakage pollution and other items. Second, air vents shall be made from metal, and firmly installed on the gas tank. An airline staff explained that if air vents are plastic bar grille, due to the material and structure is likely to be damaged in transit, such as pet bite grille to avoid accidents, or damage to the luggage and others pollution. In addition, before the consignment, it is best to use a strong rope rotating and tied pillar around the pillar. Advice on the door pillar contact and close the door after door pillar system together. This is to prevent the air turbulence accidentally opened the door. Plastic products can stick on the air tank, in order to prevent the other items on the truck on the box and damages to the pet. Finally, make sure that the bottom gas stability, and can be fixed on a flat surface without sliding. If you choose to take the wheel of the flight case, you may need to fixed wheels or remove the wheels, to ensure that will not slide during the transit.
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