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How to send and receive air express?

by:CNS     2020-07-26
How to send and receive air express? Good friends said companies rush to send a air express, don't know how to send out, but it is not very difficult. Below small make up to send guys how explanation air express, air express how to pick up. How to send 1, air express oneself apply for to deal with air express at the airport! 2, immediately contact the international express company or contact agents, they are meeting the door pickup, ask the price in advance, in case of being slaughtered! Must step 1: air express Courier companies by various interest points deducted from airlines express, to run the required time to express enterprise total operation management center 2: match the total operation management center sorting goods, clear airport delivery output matching products with outer packing box number 3: delivery order from the airline agent positions, and the airlines are goods to airline agent 4: the airline agent received delivery order warehouse material, pursuant to the timeliness, express delivery enterprises matching order from international airlines positions 5: international airlines group of tank, the airline agent in matching the plane 3 hours prior to departure/aircraft owners, to match the two hours before departure time after security check 6: airline agent will match the airport material & lt; Such as to Beijing/Shanghai / & gt; To express enterprises 7: express enterprises on the airport floor after 2 to 3 hours to get goods, send allocation and distribution to factions after sorting
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