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How to transport valuables and personal belongings by air?

by:CNS     2021-07-13
How to ship valuables and personal items by air? 2021-06-07 13:40 How to, by air, valuables, and, personal, goods, delivery, process,    delivery process: the customer goes to the telecommunications company to ship the goods in advance, and contact us in advance after inquiries The staff of the telecommunications company contacted the staff of the telecommunications company, and the bulky cargo needs to be booked in advance, and a certain amount of cash is required to pay for the bulky booking. Weighing and weighing are charged by kilograms, the price is reasonable, the service attitude is good, safe, convenient, and punctual.  Consult in advance to understand the aviation dynamics of the day (without flights, those items cannot be transported by air, cargo packaging, cargo standard and weight, and mailing costs).   The third is the air transportation process. The General Affairs Center corresponds to the sub-inspection of the goods and confirms that the corresponding airport total shipment is the same outer packaging quantity. 3. The express company reserves the space with the aviation agent and delivers the air cargo to the aviation agent. 4. After receiving the booking information of the express company, the aviation agent will book the space to the airline according to the time limit required by the express company. 5. After the airline's approval, the air traffic controller will submit the airport master bill 3 hours before the corresponding flight, and pass the security inspection 2 hours before the departure. When the cargo is shipped, the air traffic controller will carry out air transportation!    destination port delivery, after the arrival of the goods , The aviation agency company will inform the consignee of the flight number, bill of lading number, departure time, landing time, airport pick-up point and other information. The consignee will pick up the goods at the airport with the original documents, so you don’t have to say you are at home waiting for the collection. That's it! Shanghai Air Express company mails valuables, such as precision instruments, home appliances, handicrafts, jewelry, unearthed cultural relics, etc. Through air freight or air freight logistics, they need some special handling methods. Generally speaking, we do not recommend that you send over-expensive items by express, but we do need to follow the process to send different goods. Subsequently, the definition of valuables was defined, and the issue of retaining valuables in order to express the demand for valuables during air transportation.   The definition of precious air transport:    Precious things are not defined by value divided by type, but by product. Here are some items that are valuable in the initial stage:    securities: cash, passbooks, credit cards, bank cards, national debt, short-term treasury bills, etc.  Main documents: residence permit, real estate permit, ID card, marriage certificate, passport, visa, diploma, education, education, etc.   Treasures: jewelry, watches, paintings and calligraphy, valuable gifts, ancestral objects.   Various types of credit cards: VIP cards, membership cards, door cards, gas cards, electricity cards, medical cards, header cards, warranty cards, etc.   Other: Anything that needs protection.  Pay attention to the following when delivering express items for valuables:   1. Before sending valuables, you must guarantee the price, state the value of the valuables, and pay the fees as required. You have already contacted the courier company, and you cannot keep it confidential. This will lead to your loss or the loss of the claim.  2. It is necessary to clarify the procedures of the safe personnel and the responsibility of the courier to advise. Once an agreement is reached, valuables, especially fragile items, should be properly packaged and carefully packaged to ensure the safety of the transportation process.   3. After damage or loss, please contact the courier first and sign the contract directly according to the preliminary preparations. If there is no agreement, please call the postal customer service hotline 12305 to lodge a complaint.
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