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Hybrid technology will air transport into the era of 'green'?

by:CNS     2020-08-01
Hybrid technology will air transport into the era of 'green'? Para tile, Russia's central aeroengine institute, golkin said that Russia will be conducted in 2020 hybrid aircraft flight test, and the first to complete the development of hybrid power engine, the ultimate goal is to develop the power of 500 kw hybrid aircraft. As is known to all, the burning of fossil fuels is the main source of air pollution. Powerful aircraft carrier is & other; Oil throughout the tiger &; 。 Recently experienced frequent safety accidents of Boeing 737 a 5 tons of oil consumption. Hybrid technology brought environmental protection for the car, then it will air transport into & other; Environmental protection era & throughout; ? Technical proposal & other; Now, a hybrid aircraft international technical solutions are very similar, is primarily a petrol-electric hybrid and electric hybrid. ” Kang Guiwen is introduced, the so-called petrol-electric hybrid refers to the traditional aviation fuel engine and lithium battery. To form the hybrid propulsion system, and electric hybrid vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells and lithium batteries. Under the specific operating mode, it is necessary to different characteristics of the power plant with the aircraft's flight characteristics. Kang Gui said, needs the most power when the plane takes off. Therefore, in the petrol-electric hybrid aircraft take-off phase, lithium batteries and fuel engine work together, and Shared part of power by the lithium battery in order to reduce fuel consumption. At the end of the take off cruise phase, power is usually necessary to sustain the smooth flight was only about a third of the off state. At this point, the only fuel engine can be opened, and at the same time provide flight dynamics and lithium battery charging at the same time. Finally landing phase of the power demand is small, can only use the lithium battery to meet the demand. “ Electric hybrid plane is different. ” Kang Gui said, hydrogen fuel cell power generation by the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. The main products are water, almost no pollution. But by chemical reaction generating hydrogen fuel battery discharge is slow, difficult to quickly reach the power take-off, the take-off phase cannot be used alone, so you need lithium battery. As a result, the operation mode of the electric hybrid plane is taking off stage using hydrogen fuel cell and lithium batteries. In the cruise phase only open the hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen fuel cells can be used independently or in landing phase only activate lithium battery. In addition, a hybrid aircraft equivalent to two power systems, can backup each other. Once the flight problems, another can ensure safe taxi and landing
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