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Important items international shipping method

by:CNS     2020-04-30
The shipper fresh perishable items, shall provide the maximum allowed to transport and transport considerations, finalize shipping space, according to the agreed time to send the shipping formalities at the airport. Government regulations require quarantine of fresh perishable goods, the relevant departments of the quarantine certificate shall be issued. Packing should be suitable for fresh and the characteristics of perishable items from pollution and damage to aircraft and other goods. Passenger aircraft have bad smell fresh perishable items shall not be loaded. Fresh perishable items, need special care shall be conducted by the shipper own necessary facilities, under escort by shipper sent when necessary. Fresh perishable goods during transportation, storage, the carrier due to the cost of any protective measures, paid by the shipper or consignee. Valuables including: gold, platinum, iridium, rhodium, palladium and other rare metals and their products; All kinds of precious stones, jade, diamonds, pearls, and their products; Rare and precious cultural relics, Including books, paintings, antiques, etc. ) ; Cash, marketable securities, and gross weight per kilogram in more than 2000 yuan worth of goods, etc. Valuables should be packed in strong, tight packing, plus # word iron hoop, juncture place must have seals. Gun, p machinery ( Gun) Is a special control items; Ammunition is a special regulation of dangerous goods. The shipper shall issue a certificate of the following: ( A) The shipper of all kinds of firearms, play must be issued by origin or shipped to the county, city public security bureau issued by the transportation permits or licenses issued by the competent ministries and commissions of the state; ( 2) Inbound and outbound means of all kinds of guns, play the domestic transport must provide phoresy license issued by the frontier inspection station of the; Firearms and ammunition packaging should be the factory original packaging, not the original factory packaging shall ensure strong, tight, there are seals. Gun machinery and medicine are to be packed separately. Gun machinery, the whole process of drug transport to the strict delivery procedures. According to the nature of the goods in transit need specialist care, care of the goods, the shipper shall send escort, otherwise, the carrier shall have the right to not be the carrier. Escort the goods to be booked in advance of shipping space. Supercargo to escort goods shall perform the obligations of the carrier's requirements and shall be responsible for the safety of the goods transport. Supercargo should buy ticket and check-in starts. The shipper sent someone to escort the goods loss, besides proved to be the fault of the carrier, the carrier is not liable. Proved is caused due to the fault of the carrier, in accordance with the terms of the relevant article 45 of these rules. The carrier shall assist the supercargo escort mission, and in the escort labeled with 'escort' label on the package of goods. In the waybill storage note column indicate the word 'escort' and set forth the escort date and flight number.
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