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Improve logistics capabilities by matching logistics strategy with corporate strategy

by:CNS     2021-07-05
Improve logistics capabilities through the matching of logistics strategy and corporate strategy 2021-06-20 10:59:09 Whether an enterprise's logistics system can achieve efficient operation results first depends on the degree of matching between the logistics strategy and the business strategy. The business strategy of an enterprise mainly refers to its competitive strategy, including cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy and aggregation strategy. The logistics strategy mainly includes effective customer response, fast customer response and delay strategy. The low-cost strategy seeks to maximize the benefits. At this time, companies should establish a logistics system characterized by unobstructed transportation channels and high order completion rates, and establish companies to minimize buffer stocks and reduce lead times, so as to build information sharing and rapid delivery , Accurate, reasonable planning and other important factors of logistics capabilities. The basic idea of u200bu200bthe logistics delay strategy is to keep the product modularity as much as possible, delay the customization activities in time and space, thereby improving the enterprise's flexibility, reliability, and the ability to quickly respond to individual needs. Therefore, the logistics delay strategy can be matched The above three competitive strategies. Browse through the matching of logistics strategy and corporate strategy to improve logistics capabilities. You can also browse: Choice of Transportation Mode Supply Chain Cost Management
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