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Improve logistics capabilities through key resource acquisition or integration

by:CNS     2021-07-05
Enhance logistics capabilities through the acquisition or integration of key resources 2021-06-20 16:24:58 Obtaining key resources and special resources is one of the key factors for enterprises to obtain competitive advantages. If enterprises want to achieve logistics service promises and improve logistics service quality, they must have comparative Advanced logistics special resources, such as modern freight vehicles, on-board computers, shelves, forklifts, automatic tracking, EDI systems, multimodal transportation, three-dimensional platform warehouses, automatic sorting and other advanced technical equipment are hardware facilities to achieve high-quality services. In addition, the resources owned by any enterprise are limited. In order to expand its strength, the enterprise will inevitably carry out mergers, reorganizations, alliances and other activities. Integrating logistics resources through these means is not only the internal driving force for enterprises to obtain greater regular benefits, but also the external pressure of their market competition. In the face of the 'multiple, small, fragmented, weak, and poor' situation of my country's logistics market, the motivation of enterprises to obtain key logistics resources through mergers and alliances is more obvious and urgent. For sustainable development, companies should not only increase investment in key logistics resources, but also continuously improve their ability to integrate organizational culture, technology, and resource effects. In addition, the effectiveness of key logistics resources depends on a professional talent team, because all elements of logistics services are realized by talents: including systems and service strategies, process formulation, and various logistics activities and each link. Need specialized human resources. Only by gathering key resources and talents capable of management ability to form a joint force, can enterprises obtain high-efficiency and high-efficiency output. Browse through the acquisition or integration of key resources to improve logistics capabilities can also browse: logistics cost sales logistics
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