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In the air transport by air express the reasons behind the delay

by:CNS     2020-08-06
Air Courier delays in air transport the reasons behind the choice the characteristics of the air cargo security, fast, this is the advantage of air transport. But due to the air transport is a special industry, has a high requirement on the security, this makes the airline industry has some uncertainty. Airline delays, for example, is a question of airports and airlines. For those who are engaged in freight forwarding, I believe that everyone has more or less met air express delivery delay. Whenever things like this, can hear some friend said they don't know how to explain to the customer, because of some delay is rare, even is very interesting. This article introduced you to freight the various reasons behind the delay. Airport reasons: the plane must take off from the airport and the airport operation has a decisive influence on the flight. Specifically, the following may affect the normal operation of the flight. System. its causes: airport maintenance department responsible for check the airlines flights, receipt, release, troubleshooting, removal of snow and ice, etc. If any of the links appear problem, it will lead to flight delays. Runway reason: when the actual throughput reach the maximum production capacity of the airport, if a certain type of flight delays, it may produce a chain reaction. If a plane for a long time to occupy the runway, will lead to subsequent plane unload and unload, which affects more than plane flight. Airport cargo terminal: in recent years, with the integrated logistics system in air cargo total turnover increased, the proportion of air freight station has also been more and more attention. However, the civil aviation has long been a tradition of heavy and light goods. Are less able to air freight station allocation of resources. Airport cargo handling capacity is limited. The affected some of the airport. Many airports are in renovation and expansion in and out of the air cargo freight station, in order to protect the goods transported by air. The airport environment: is largely due to the interference factors around the airport. One of the more common animals ( Such as birds, dogs) Into the airport area, resulting in flight were blocked. Also have a balloon and a kite. The biggest worry now is unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Have taken place in the world to many because of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) into the airport area caused extensive flight delays. All these factors are likely to lead to flight delays. In real life, many accidents will happen, cause the goods delay. It also depends on the nature of the industry. Flight safety is very important, cannot careless. For shipping agent, if the goods appear delay, you should know the situation immediately to the airlines, and to the customer specified for the understanding of each other.
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