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In the future air freight can provide people with better mode of transportation

by:CNS     2020-08-07
Air cargo in the future to provide people with better aviation logistics refers to the mode of transportation of the goods by air transport companies as the main mode of transportation, from supplier to recipient, efficient, effective flow and storage, in order to meet customer requirements of process, it will transport, storage, loading and unloading, processing, sorting, distribution, information and so on to carry on the organic combination, forming a complete supply chain, to provide users with multi-function, the integration of comprehensive services. In recent years air cargo will be state of the fastest growing tool. As the network in recent years the rapid expansion of development, the unbalanced development of China's air transport network, the lack of effective connection problem gradually revealed. Air freight is also called the plane transport, it is under the condition of with airline and the airport, use aircraft to transport goods for transportation mode of transportation. Air transport in the transportation industry in our country, the freight volume accounts for the proportion of traffic is relatively small, mainly to undertake long-distance passenger transport task, along with the rapid development of logistics, air transport will play an important role in terms of the freight. Aviation logistics transportation development of global economic integration, the continuous growth of the economy and trade, industrial structure adjustment, our country economy and the deepening of the reform of civil aviation, etc. , for the development of our country aviation logistics to create a good environment. Shanghai air main advantage is growing very fast, defect is transportation cost is quite high. Investment quota and transportation costs are high, fixed costs including development course, the construction of the airport and the airport maintenance needs a lot of money; Variable costs are high, mainly due to fuel, the pilot salaries and spending a lot of aircraft maintenance, etc. Aviation transportation industry exist strong cyclical, affected by economic fluctuations and emergency. Industry volatility, but even the civil airport industry as infrastructure in the air transport industry chain, the cyclical fluctuations is relatively flat, income and long-term growth and stability. The civil aviation services greatly affect the ability of economic and social development will inevitably suffer. Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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