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In the future air transport companies can provide service to the customer

by:CNS     2020-08-06
Air transport company in the future what can provide to the customer service today, with the popularization of Internet and mobile phones, more and more people like to surf the net to search when choosing air cargo, this gives the freight company to unlimited space for development. People can use their smart phones, tablet PC or laptop for transportation on consulting services or make an appointment. In the future, it is necessary for air freight at the forefront of new technology. This will make the airlines and airports will be able to communicate with customer directly, has injected new vitality for air transport. Air freight will further bring customers more high quality service, and focuses on the application, the Internet, network marketing to further. Today's data is enough to show that 70% of all modern people to obtain information or purchase items from the web, and in the network and 69% of people from the mobile terminal is wireless served. So the next few years, we are from web browsing to mobile browsing. Air freight is to see it to gradually shift operation mode, so as to better cater to the modern world. Most work in the future, the air transport company is processing the data, the Internet every moment will produce a lot of data. This includes data are generated from the machine to machine interaction, meanwhile equipment join data produced by its own equipment, and the data will be preserved. Fantasy, after your smartphone to air transport companies, there will be a robot there is parking lot of the Internet, for you to arrange a parking space, and to deal with you in the company of a series of activities, it will be a matter of how comfortable. Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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