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In the interaction of different business aviation stakeholders relationship has a lot of drivers

by:CNS     2020-08-06
In the interaction of different business aviation stakeholders has a lot of air driven relationship between Shanghai company airports and air navigation service provider's business model and strategy, tactics and business level before planning and decision-making process determines the type of aircraft and operational application and use infrastructure in the field, in the air. On the contrary, the availability of new technology, new rules, the change of resource prices and demand fluctuations in demand operations to respond to stakeholders. As a result, the department is developing model, so that the impact of technology on the whole system for cross-sectoral, comprehensive assessment. Use different levels of detail, including the use of deterministic methods, the method of system dynamics and complex system and the operational research methods. International air freight in order to determine the benefits of the new aircraft concept or technology, considering the existing airline network and the schedule is not enough, because they are based on the basis of the current technology is optimized. Therefore, the use of the planning process can transparently understood airlines themselves and the existing research and industry model. These models including network planning, based on piecewise passengers decision-making, planning, plane rotation planning and the priority and modification methods of the disturbance. Air express in traffic management is one of the focuses of the unit, because it is driven by the interaction between different business stakeholders especially. Its are main the feature is in high demand and adverse effects during launched the air traffic control measures, such as the assignment on time. In addition, it considered the airspace and ground resource optimization using air transport infrastructure. To this end, the department has to reaction in ATM network modeling tool, and verify the new solution for effective management.
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