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In the past tonneau covers look like a flattened wagon

by:CNS     2020-06-26
Today, these covers are more than a security device, but have also added to the styling statement of a pickup truck. But next to these improvements come the difficulty in choosing which tonneau cover best fit your truck. There are practically wide choices these days, from color to style you'll surely have a hard time deciding. The important thing to remember though is how you will use the cover. Would you be hauling oversized cargo all the time? Are you after the security or style issue? Whatever you decide on it will all boil down to your personal preference and expectation. In most instances though the important question to ask is how easy it is to use the cover. Today, truck tonneau covers are more about easy installation. People are looking for covers that can clamp-on in just a few minutes with no drilling required and uses only simple tools. With the different types of tonneaus these days, which is the best type to use? This just makes it more difficult to decide on the best tonneau for your truck. Here is an overview of the different types of tonneau cover: * Roll up cover. This is often seen in soft types. The roll up type allows for quick and easy access of the truck bed. Often made of vinyl or cloth, this type of cover uses a snap based system that supports that cover to keep it firmly in place. The latest version of roll ups are designed with integrated support that allows the latch to roll up neatly with the cover. * Tri-fold covers. This type of cover folds up in 3 sections. It is easy to install and remove. * Retractable cover. This type of cover is often made from plastic, aluminum or vinyl. It is installed in front and on the sides which automatically rolls up and retracts from the tailgate to the front of the cab where the storage box is placed. It has also a lock to keep cargo safe in place. Although a bit expensive, the retractable tonneau cover can offer you the security of the hard top and the accessibility of the soft top. * Hinge top. Both the hard top and soft top features this style. The hinge cover allows for easy access of the truck bed as it is easy to lift and cover. Some of the covers take up a lot of storage space. For instance, the fold up cover extends some two feet when folded and some roll up cover has side rails that can take some space in the truck bed, thus, reducing the usable cargo space. So, be sure to decide wisely depending on your truck need and cover purpose.
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