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In the sea export, which documents are responsible for the cargo owner and the freight forwarder? CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-11
In sea export, which documents are responsible for the cargo owner and the forwarder? :2015-12-17 11:36:00 In the process of international shipping, if there is a good freight forwarding company that divides labor and cooperates with shippers and performs their duties, then the entire operation process will become very simple. And if the freight forwarding company encountered is not so formal, then it is very likely that there will be mutual wrangling with the owner of the goods, which will affect the smooth export of the goods. Today, the editor will join you to find out what documents each party needs to be responsible for in the process of international seaborne export. 1. Export documents provided by the shipper: If there is a good freight forwarder, there is actually very little that the shipper needs to do. You only need to prepare the necessary export documents, and you can entrust the forwarder to complete the relevant operations. The export documents required by the consignor are as follows: 1. Export Power of Attorney; 2. Export Goods List; 3. Packing List; 4. Invoice (INVOICE); 5. Export License; 6. Export Receipt Exchange verification form; 7, tax refund form; 8, customs declaration manual. 2. Export documents for freight forwarders: Relatively speaking, freight forwarders are responsible for more materials, which are divided into the following categories: 1. Export ten-sheets: Each of the ten-sheet export has its own role and their delivery objects. Different, the information and data represented are also different. The meaning of each page is: the first page: container cargo consignment note (the owner keeps the bottom) (B/N); the second page: the container cargo consignment note (the ship agent keeps the bottom); Third copy: freight notice (1); fourth copy: freight notice (2); fifth copy: station receipt (loading list) (S/O); copy of fifth copy: application for payment of export cargo port charges ; The sixth copy: the chief mate’s copy (copy of the station receipt); the seventh: the station receipt (D/R); the eighth: the freight forwarder keeps the bottom; the ninth: the shipping receipt (1); the tenth Coupling: shipping receipt (2). 2. Bill of lading (original/copy) (B/L ORIGINAL/COPY): The bill of lading is specifically divided into OCEAN B/L and HOUSE B/L. 3. Sea waybill (SEA WAYBILL) 4. Export goods declaration documents: (1) Necessary documents: ①Customs declaration form; ②Foreign exchange verification form; ③Agency declaration letter; ④Packing list; ⑤Invoice; ⑥Contract; ⑦ A copy of the letter of credit. (2) Other documents: ① export license; ② tax exemption manual; ③ commodity inspection certificate; ④ certificate of origin. 5. Cargo declaration list 6. Cargo arrival notice 7. Consolidated cargo pre-allocation list 8. Packing list (CLP) The above are the documents that the cargo owner and the freight forwarder need to be responsible for in the seaborne export. Do the cargo owners understand? If you want to successfully complete the export of the goods, you should still find a regular freight forwarding company. Their business processes are relatively formal, and the procedures are relatively complete, which can save a lot of things for shippers.
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