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Influencing factors of air transport supply

by:CNS     2021-07-09
Influencing factors of air transportation supply 2021-06-20 18:02:391. Economic development level Economic development level is the decisive factor affecting transportation supply in general, and the economic status of a country or region is the basic condition for the development of transportation supply. While economic development increases the demand for transportation, it will also increase the level of investment in transportation supply and places with strong transportation supply capabilities; the corresponding economically backward areas have low transportation supply capabilities. 2. Air freight ‘Freight is one of the most important factors affecting the supply of air transportation. According to the law of supply, when other factors remain unchanged, the supply capacity and price show the same increase and decrease. The Guangzhou-Shenyang logistics company in the air transportation industry can be simply described as the increase in the fare, the airline is willing to To provide more seats, the comparison table of air ticket prices and supply quantities for flights from New York to Los Angeles shows that if the price of air transportation services rises, air transportation companies can make more profits, which will increase capacity investment and increase the supply of air transportation services. Conversely, if the price of air transportation services drops and the profits of manufacturers decrease, it will reduce the investment in transportation capacity and reduce the supply of air transportation services. However, because the price of the air transportation industry is regulated (although there is a trend of deregulation), the elasticity of air transportation supply is more complicated. 3. Production technology The status of production technology can affect the scale and speed of the increase in air transportation services, and it has a huge impact on the supply of air transportation. At the same time, the improvement of production technology can also ensure that air transportation is in a safe transportation environment. The more efficient and lower fuel consumption models are put into production for transportation, which will reduce the cost of air transportation for airlines, and airlines will provide more air transportation services at a certain price level. For example, the advent of B747 and A38Q makes The number of passengers served by a single flight has increased. The continuous improvement of production technology has made the operation of ultra-long-distance passenger aircraft, such as B777-200LR and A340-500, realized direct flight services on ultra-long routes such as Singapore-Los Angeles and New York-Dubai. 4. The price of production factors (i.e. transportation cost) air transportation cost is obviously an important factor affecting transportation supply, because air transportation cost directly affects air transportation price and airline revenue. Generally speaking, production factors include three basic elements: labor, land and capital. The price of production factors changes, and the supply of air transport services will also change. Assuming that other conditions remain unchanged, the prices of production factors rise and the profits of air transportation companies decrease, these companies will reduce the supply of air transportation services. There is a negative correlation between the supply of air transport services and the prices of production factors. For example, the early Airline Express company in the United States had guaranteed that no matter how many guests were to provide flights according to the flight plan, and guaranteed that if the flight was full, it would immediately add a temporary flight to ensure that the flight was not boarded. Passengers travel quickly. However, in recent years, due to the increase in the prices of production factors such as aircraft, employee wages, aviation fuel and aviation equipment, these companies only fly according to the flight plan and no longer provide additional flights to meet the additional passenger demand, because they now retain copies of the aircraft for aviation. The price is too high for the company. 5. Competitive factors Competitive factors are another important factor that affects aviation supply. Airlines competing with each other in order to gain market share will undoubtedly have an impact on supply. There are multiple manufacturers in the air transportation market, and the air transportation market supply is all manufacturers. If some manufacturers cut flights, change small aircraft operations or even withdraw from the air transportation industry due to various competitions, they will eventually lead to a reduction in air transportation supply. In addition, with the continuous improvement of the high-speed rail network and the continuous improvement and stability of safety performance, the air transport industry has been greatly impacted. The most direct impact is forcing airlines to reduce flights or even abandon the operation of routes, as on February 6, 2010. , The Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway, known as the green propeller in the central and western regions of China, was officially opened; from March 25, the Xi'an-Zhengzhou (474km) flight was suspended. 6. Transportation policy Transportation policy is an important factor affecting the supply of air transportation. Transportation policy is the norm for the development of transportation in the country, and it is an integral part of economic policy. Transportation policy usually stipulates the mode, speed, scale, structure, etc. of the development of the transportation industry, which has a significant impact on the development of a country's transportation industry. For now, although the government has deregulated the economy, it still maintains a high level of control in terms of safety and operations, which in some respects will inevitably delay or even hinder airlines from investing in human capacity on some routes. In addition to the above-mentioned main factors, free factors such as safety and environmental protection can also affect the supply of air transportation, such as the 9.11 incident in the United States. In summary, the interaction of various factors affects the supply of air transportation. In the air transportation industry, supply usually refers to available seat miles (ASM) or available ton-miles (ATM).
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