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Innovation and Development of Supply Chain Management

by:CNS     2021-07-15
Innovation and development of supply chain management 2021-06-20 10:23:13 Supply chain management is a modern circulation method that adapts to modern production methods. The development of production methods. Modern production methods are based on the concept of comparative advantage, using modern information technology as a means, and centering on the core competitive advantage of the enterprise to realize global procurement, global organization of production and global sales. As a result, modern logistics has become a hub connecting modern production methods, and supply chain management coexisting with modern logistics has become a powerful tool for modern production and modern logistics. Circulation methods are generally called wholesale and retail in traditional terms. In the context of e-commerce, wholesale is called BtoB, and retail is called BtoC or CtoC. It should be said that BtoB, the traditional wholesale, occupies a considerable share in the circulation of social commodities, and plays a huge role in the allocation of social resources. In fact, in the revolution of circulation methods, we have always hoped that our business district will be relatively stable and actively seek this path. Supply chain management provides us with this method, so supply chain management is an innovation of modern circulation methods and a new source of profit. In the supply chain, upstream and downstream companies have formed strategic alliances, so their relationship is relatively stable. Through information sharing, they form a win-win relationship, realize the best allocation of social resources, reduce the total cost of society, avoid vicious competition among enterprises, and improve the benefits of enterprises, the entire supply chain, and the entire society. The supply chain has shown us a new and modern way of circulation.
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