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Inspection of import and export goods

by:CNS     2021-07-05
Inspection of import and export goods 2021-06-20 16:52:49 (1) Inspection and inspection refers to the fact that the customs accepts the declaration of the customs declaration unit and based on the approved declaration documents, through the actual inspection of the import and export goods, It is a supervision method to determine whether the content declared by its customs declaration documents is consistent with the actual imported and exported goods. Inspection refers to the administrative enforcement actions of the Guangzhou to Urumqi logistics to determine whether the name, specification, composition, origin, state, quantity and price of the goods in and out of the country are consistent with the declared contents of the goods according to the law. (2) Location of inspection The customs inspection of goods is generally carried out at the import and export port wharf, station, airport, post office or other customs supervision place in the customs supervision area. (3) Operating procedures for customs inspection ① After the customs confirms the inspection, the on-site customs declarer will print out the 'Inspection Notice② Arrange inspection plan. The on-site customs inspection accepting post will arrange the specific time for the inspection, and generally arrange the inspection plan for the next day on the same day. ③When the customs inspects the goods, the consignee of the imported goods, the consignor of the export goods or their authorized customs declarers shall be present and be responsible for assisting in moving the goods, unpacking and resealing the goods. When the customs deems it necessary, it may conduct inspections, re-inspections or take samples. ④ After the inspection, the accompanying person shall sign and confirm on the 'Inspection Record Sheet'. (4) Methods of customs inspection ① Thorough inspection, that is, unpacking (package) the goods one by one, and checking the goods type, specification, quantity, weight, and origin of the goods in detail with the goods declaration form one by one. ②Sampling inspection refers to the selective unpacking (package) inspection of the goods according to a certain proportion. The container must be unloaded for random inspection. The degree of unloading and the ratio of unpacking (package) are subject to the requirements of inspection instructions that can determine the name, specification, quantity, and weight of the goods. ③Appearance inspection, check the packaging, markings, etc. of the goods. Appearance inspection can only be applied to goods that are not easy to handle and move, but are neatly stacked and relatively intuitive for large machines and bulk raw materials. (5) Customs inspection time commitment The inspection department shall, from the time the inspection is accepted, to the end of the implementation of the inspection and the feedback of the inspection results, shall not exceed the maximum hours, and the exported goods shall be released within half a working day after the inspection is completed. During the inspection process, suspected smuggling, violations, etc., are not subject to the time limit. 1428
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