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International air express transportation characteristics

by:CNS     2020-08-08
International air express transportation characteristics while air freight started relatively late, but development is very rapid, especially favored by the modern enterprise management. One reason is that it has the incomparable advantage over many other modes of transportation. To sum up, the main features are: air freight, delivery speed since the birth of aviation industry, air express is famous for its speed. So far, the plane is still the fastest means of transport, ordinary the economic cruising speed of the jet is about 850 - every hour 900 kilometers. Rapid transportation shorten the transport time of the goods. Especially for those who are perishable and metamorphic fresh goods; Time sensitive seasonal newspapers and seasonal goods; Transportation of emergency supplies. It can be said that the global intense air transport network of the rapid integration will make us possible from our desire to reach fresh open long-distance markets in commodities. So that consumers can enjoy more benefits. Rapid transportation speed and short time also to reduce the risk of carriage of goods, so many valuables and precision instruments often take the form of air. In today's international market competition is intense today. Quick service provided by the air transport also enables suppliers to make real-time response to rapidly changing markets abroad, introducing marketable products to occupy the market quickly and gain better economic benefit. Second, is not affected by ground conditions, in-depth inland air transport using the natural channel, the sky is not affected by geographical conditions. Very suitable for poor ground condition, the traffic inconvenience inland regions, is conducive to the export of local resources, promote the development of local economy. Air transport connect local and world, external radiation range is very wide. Land transport and rail transport and air transport than the use of less land. There is no doubt that it is suitable for the small size and small size external transportation of regional development. Three, safe and accurate compared with other modes of transportation, air transportation security is higher. In 1997, global airlines flight 18 million, only 11 severe accident happens, the risk rate of about 3 million points. Airline transportation management system is more perfect, the damage to the goods rate is low. If by air container transport of goods, will be more secure. Air transport, of course, also has its own limitations, mainly lies in the transport by air transportation cost is higher than other modes of transportation, is not suitable for low price goods; Aircraft - Aircraft capacity is limited, for large or bulk cargo transportation has certain limitations. Vulnerable to adverse weather conditions such as aircraft flight safety. But overall, with the wide application of new technology products tend to be more thin, lighter, shorter, smaller, more valuable. Managers pay more attention to the timeliness and reliability of the transportation. Believe that the air freight will have greater prospects for development.
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