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International air freight company tariffs and query of the eight elements

by:CNS     2020-08-13
International air freight company tariffs and query the eight elements of the following describes the most international air freight company accounting cost. This article mainly discussed is the Hong Kong airport, because Hong Kong is a large free trade port, and Hong Kong airport, there are a lot of cargo ships, very few restrictions, range is very wide. Shanghai has 78 international air freight company, there are more than 100 flights a day, under the space and service guarantee, this is the preferred. However, the cost is usually higher than in China 2 yuan. High efficiency on time, won a large market, greatly shorten the time of delivery, and accelerate the capital turnover and circulation in the logistics supply chain. Major airlines has invested a large number of flights to collect freight. Air is higher than the cost of sea, however, for high time requirement, the cost ratio of the air and the sea is about 1:10. Aviation duties: 1. Safety inspection fee ( A Hong Kong 1 yuan/kg for a fixed fee) 2. Air freight, By the international air freight company charge) 3. International air freight company's total bills: 15 / BL is the bill of lading fee HKD & ndash; — Proof of ownership. 4. The airport operating costs. 5. Dock dues: 1. 72 / kg. When the goods handed over to the banker, the banker is responsible for banging on the board of directors and other issues, will eventually be transferred to the airport charge) 6. Fuel sur a fuel surcharge ( According to the airport, destination, price is different, Shanghai is the first 4 yuan or so commonly, now the first 3. 6 yuan, the highest 4 last year. 8 yuan, the price is changed from the airport, to Asia, usually 2 yuan) Aviation query eight components: 1. Name ( Dangerous goods or not) 2. Need time, Direct flights or transit) 3. The destination airport, Basis points or not) 4. The bill of lading type ( Master bill of lading and bill of lading) 5. Packaging ( Wooden case, pallet or not) 6. The flight request ( Flights between service and price differences) 7. Weight ( Involving the cost) , volume ( Soaking size and whether the goods) 8. Required for transportation services ( Customs declaration method, proxy files, customs clearance and delivery, etc. ) 。 ) Air can be divided into heavy cargo and foam. 1 CBM = 167 kg weight, volume compared with the actual weight, according to the actual weight charge, of course, the bubbles in the goods have a little secret, should know this is my colleagues. Here to talk about is not convenient. Don't understand the manufacturers can solve yourself.
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