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International air freight company to pay special attention to random files

by:CNS     2020-08-12
International air freight company for random file paying special attention to the random file is mainly used for the port of destination customs clearance. Destination of the import declaration has nothing to do with domestic export customs declaration of origin, also cannot confuse the customer request the customs clearance documents and our export customs declaration documents. Sometimes the customs invoice and random invoice, especially the amount, so as to be more careful. If there is a random file, the shipper will usually by express mail to customs clearance documents and random file sent to the shipping agent, or let the driver when the driver pick up the goods by the way, bring them to the freight agency. At this point, you have to explain the customs declaration and customs clearance documents to the driver, so as not to cause further trouble. Freight forwarder to use customs clearance documents for export declaration. Random file will arrive together with the international air freight bill of lading and manifest the port of destination, the destination guests or customs clearance agent will receive the random file to customs clearance. Due to the documents and the goods arrive at the same time, the cargo list there would be no problem. For random packing list and invoice and other documents, you just need to copy some destination, do not need to some of the original. However, some countries, such as South America, had to ask for the original and photocopy or scanning. Please confirm with the guest in advance the customs form. The port of destination of the shipper, the customs clearance documents, can be carried by airlines, but are beyond the scope of the carrier. If lost, airlines is not responsible for. So if you have more important documents, such as CO, you can choose to send guests with international express.
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