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International air freight delivery problem summary

by:CNS     2020-08-11
International air freight delivery problem summary in normal circumstances, air cargo arrived at the destination airport, airlines will according to the consignee is mainly shown on the ticket information the arrival of the notice to send the goods to the consignee, notify the consignee cargo arrival information and to let the consignee arrange clearance it timely take delivery. In the meeting, the main list of information is particularly important. Need to be displayed on the main list correct full company name, address, telephone number, contact information, etc. , so that airlines can contact the consignee accurately and timely. No international air freight bill of lading, the consignee can pick up the goods? International air freight bill of lading and the role of the Marine bill of lading is completely different. It is not a certificate of ownership. Therefore, there is no air freight bill of lading, as long as the customer has the arrival of the notice, the client can pick up the goods, and can prove that the consignee is the main order of consignee. Whether there is the international air cargo waybill number? The international air cargo pickup process: after the carrier to get air waybill, will be through the commercial invoice and the bill of lading fax to destination airport customers. After the goods arrived at destination airport, the airline will usually notify the consignee pick up the goods. 3. Consignee will carry the shipper fax document, the letter of introduction of the company, the shipper id can be extracted to the air warehouse or agent warehouse the goods. Do you need to pay foreign delivery account number? In general, the bill of lading number at the top of the bill of lading. If the customer know the awb, the customer can pick up the goods in time, but no the awb. When the goods arrived at destination, destination agent on the ground will also inform the customer delivery. The difference is that there is no need to have the waybill to pick up the goods. If the goods are taken away, then it has no problem. You have the customs information of the shipper, the shipper invoice, ask them to pay the freight, if you don't pay for a long time, can be sued. In this case, shall require the agent to inform you to release the goods. How long does it take to arrive at your destination airport by plane? Usually, unload the goods need a few hours on the plane. To be specific, it is a passenger or cargo aircraft. Circuit board is equipped with bulk air. General cargo were disassembled to destination customs warehouse after 3 hours, then can take the goods after customs clearance of goods. The ability of customs clearance, normally also can be solved in a day or two. For the different treatment of different countries, the delivery time will be different. When the goods arrive at destination airport, don't take goods what are the consequences? The goods arrived at the destination airport, if no one is in a certain period of time of pickup, different customs will take different measures for the goods. In some countries the customs to destroy it. Customs in some countries will be asked to return the original route, but the return will involve deposit to hold the goods at the airport. If the consignee is going to give up the goods, you will need to provide depreciation report from the airline, the destination airport handling and storage charges paid by the consignee or consignor. Online query the bill of lading number has reached the destination airport, but if I didn't receive the delivery notice? First of all, it is necessary to confirm with the destination airport airline air cargo is completely arrived at the destination airport. Some may be destination airport aviation company didn't have time to inform the customer pick up the goods, the consignee can call the airline to assist the query. Extract the goods when the damage to the goods how to solve? In this case, the consignee must first ask airlines or ground agent to provide the goods abnormal proof, and need to write the goods damage and the problem of quantity, and requires a reasonable explanation and the corresponding compensation plan. Remind all owners in international transport, usually after airlines provide showing abnormal goods, the consignee can take goods first, and then claim compensation from the destination airport.
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