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International air freight specific loading and unloading process is divided into two ways

by:CNS     2020-08-12
International air freight specific loading and unloading process is divided into two ways of international air cargo handling both effective and safe. Never had a rough handling of air cargo in Shanghai. It is because of this reason, the transportation of products in the aspects of safety and quality assurance, the possibility of problems is very low. It is for this reason, most businesses or individuals in Shanghai airlines e-commerce users would choose. To ensure that the international air transport of goods is not damaged in the process of loading and unloading or transport, international air transport has carried on the strict check to the mode of transportation, loading and unloading process of concrete is divided into two ways, one is mechanical loading and unloading, the other is a manual loading and unloading. For a relatively large attachments, mechanical loading and unloading will be the main part in the process of transportation. Mechanical major, plus manual to help moving and gently placed the goods, can ensure that there is no problem in the process of cargo decoration, and after entering the cabin with fastening device tighten products transportation, make sure that even if the plane meet slight bumps in the process of transportation, products will not be affected. Mainly small goods, manual loading and unloading of goods in loading and unloading the goods in the process of safety in the first place, such as making sure that no savage in the whole process of equipment precision operation, during operation to take care of the goods and handle with the goods, so in the process of pile up small goods don't have a precision instrument to be under pressure, to ensure the safety of products, and to ensure that the products in the process of transportation accidents will not occur. The reason is very concerned about handling methods and safety of goods
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