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International air freight standard billing way calculation formula

by:CNS     2020-08-10
International air way standard accounting calculation formula and sea or rail carrier, carrier also require their party's limitation of liability of goods within a certain range, to limit the operational risk. The Warsaw convention provides for the carrier's own fault or intentionally causing the loss, damage or delay in delivery of the highest limitation of liability. That amount is usually understood as $20 per kilogram or 9 per pound. 7 pounds or other equivalent. If the goods are worth more than the value, increases the liability of the carrier, the carrier will be the value of the prescribed fee. Otherwise, even more damage, the carrier is not responsible for the beyond part. The goods of the declared value is the value of the goods, are not allowed to declare the value of some parts of the goods. Declared value charge based on the actual gross weight of the goods, the cost of computation formula is as follows: declare value = ( Value of goods - The cargo gross weight & times; 20 $/ kg) * declared value fee rate. Declared value cost rate usually is 0. 5. Most international air freight company value rate prescribed by the regulations, at the same time, also states the rules rate value of the lowest rates. If fees according to the regulation of the above formula calculation value is lower than the minimum standards, the airlines the shipper should pay according to the airline's minimum standard value. Production costs, other surcharges including bill cod surcharges, delivery charges, etc. , usually only in or air freight agent of the carrier or the shipper to provide services to collect fees. Different areas and different international air freight co. , LTD has the lowest freight. The lowest freight is an international air freight company to deal with a batch of goods can accept the lowest freight. By the minimum freight airlines decision after considering the fixed costs of a small amount of the goods. No matter use which kinds of freight rate, freight rate cannot be released below the lowest freight rate. However, the special cargo freight sometimes is the exception. In this regard, usually before the relevant freight rate with a special number, shows that generally the lowest freight rate is not applicable. When a batch of goods have no special freight rates and the applicable level freight rate, you must use the general freight rate. General freight rate is applicable to general cargo transportation, cut-off for 45 kg, more than 45 kg generally the general freight rate below 45 kg. In many parts of the world, for higher weight, lower the freight has been further announcement. For example, 100 kg, 200 kg, 300 kg, or 1500 kg. When higher minimum weight can provide lower the freight, the minimum weight of the high weight can be used as a bill. This principle also applies to those from the general freight rate increase or decrease the level of a percentage.
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