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International air Russia's import documents, cargo clearance requirements, import tax

by:CNS     2020-08-13
International air Russia's import documents, cargo clearance requirements, import tax Russia has a solid industrial and technological foundation. Russia's main export commodities are minerals, such as oil and gas, metals and their products, chemical products, machinery and transport, precious stones and its products, timber, and pulp, etc. Mainly imports machinery and equipment, transportation, food and agricultural raw materials, chemicals and rubber, metal, and its products, textiles and clothing, etc. Russia has a complete transport sector, railway, highway, air, inland waterway, sea and pipeline transport is developed. International air freight from China to Russia, we can take CMA, COSSO, MSK about 1 - and other shipping companies 7 days. Requirements: (a, import file 1) Commercial invoice ( 2) Certificate of origin ( 3) Children's products, food, food related products, daily chemicals, cosmetics, perfume, household appliances, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, oil products, transportation, hunting, and sports guns, the furniture such as safety inspection certificate. ( 4) Animals and animal products, animal primary products ( Including raw wool) Veterinary certificate and feed etc. ( 5) The health and quarantine certificate, to be seen and green agriculture, and seeds and plant seeds of agriculture and forestry products. Second, the cargo clearance requirements: ( 1) The sender and recipient of one party is private, cannot be imported by Courier, if you want to send, need to contact to arrange special services, whether can go door to airport by air, 2) Both the sender and the recipient is a company, you can go express import, ( Note: only Russia Moscow and st Petersburg have parcel service) The goods to Russia need to provide 7 to the recipient 8 about customs clearance information, if the recipient in 1 - 1. About may provide information, Russia does not accept abandon, the default to pay back. In addition, in some cases also have storage costs, the cost to each ticket confirmation. Three, import license and restrictions: import trade system has support for import restrictions, all organizations and individuals can carry out international trade, there is no special restrictions, most products are also free to imports. Visa and other import limit is limited to certain types of goods: color TV, precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, pesticides and some strategic products. Four, import taxes, tariffs is according to the prices of goods shipped to shore, general import tax rates for the five into the product rate in four layers: a general tax rate, the most favorable countries entry goods in developing countries can enjoy low rate than normal, not developing countries free entry tax, while other countries need to pay the general tax is not included in the above a twice. Five, the customs latest regulation: domestic sellers to Russian buyers to deliver goods, buyers need to provide passport number, full name, passport issue date and signed in order online clearance license agreement, if buyer could not provide or did not complete, the parcel will not be able to complete the customs clearance in Russia and will be returned, so the seller before using priority service, need to confirm whether the recipient for a passport name ( Russian passports full name for the surname, name, last name) 。 In addition, according to the latest Russian customs regulation, consumer can get every months of accumulative total value is less than 1000 euros, free weight below 31 kg parcel overseas. If the parcel more than the weight or quantity restrictions, tariffs, the tax will be borne by the buyers. It is important to note that in terms of the goods through customs, export to Russia's goods not more than five packages of the same SKU, that is to say, if the same packaging in more than five packages of goods of the same SKU, if Russia the customs check the package when import customs clearance, the customs will refuse to customs clearance, as the self-used goods returned.
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