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International express, air express what is suitable for you

by:CNS     2020-08-14
International express, air express what is suitable for you as an export of foreign trade, the sample (s) received order information or mail when choose the delivery method is generally air express and international express delivery, so what is the difference between each other? Only the means of transport is not as simple as that? Today we together to master the difference of air express and international express delivery! Is not the same as the one, the available target is lower than 45 kg of mass production of goods generally go international express, more than 45 kg of large quantities of goods by air Courier. Second, the transport behavior is not the same as the main body of international express delivery agents are all kinds of logistics companies. Air Courier shipping agents are all kinds of international airlines and logistics company. Logistics company according to international airlines to hauling goods transportation to a specific station. Three, service content is not the same as international express: listed by the logistics company, export customs declaration and customs clearance, the package delivery. Air Courier: the sender door-to-door airport, goal area carried out by the recipient, or agent of the recipient to the airport warehouse come undone, customs clearance, and a series of steps. To pay more attention to, the import tariff stage two freight logistics way do not contain less than. Four, timeliness is not the same as international express: timeliness for 3 - all normal conditions 5 days. Air Courier: in all normal flight, positions allocated satisfactory conditions, through general a days can be arrived at; If want to transfer station, is generally 2 - 4 days, that is. By three key elements influence the speed of aging: the high efficiency and the overall strength of the freight company; (2) airport flight schedule; (3) station of customs clearance rate. 5, note the document is not the same as international express: general many goods export customs clearance, together go express safe passage export declaration at the customs, must be a tax bill can only, but unique goods need to show proof of other materials. Air Courier: must show the agent declaration a power of attorney, export customs declaration form according to, tax bill, packing list and certificate of origin and other customs clearance documents, be short of one cannot. Six, manage compensate method is not the same as international express: consignee if find packing damage, goods is short, to a visa. From the date of the party take delivery within a month, by written notice to the shipping and logistics company purpose countries clearly put forward the claim. Air express delivery: goods damaged or lost, etc. , if any, is first need to verify the shipper or agent obligations, then according to the airlines total bills of lading, waybill opposite provisions and calculate compensation according to the goods charge weight. These two freight logistics way you differentiate clearly have no? When we are in the sample (s) to customers delivery or delivery to consider more comparison, choose a good method
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