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International express delivery note ( Below) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-12
2018 - 06 - 30 10:28:00 7, dongguan customer of DHL can go DHL, or Hong Kong DHL, not exported from elsewhere, from other places will delay the time, such as hangzhou, hangzhou, there can be actual weight, do more harm than good, Hong Kong is the ideal place, Hong Kong airport in the world, first in Asia, the group of professional, beautiful. Plus international region must have a zip code. 8, textiles, sending U. S. demand that the quota license, if not will cut all three inches long hole, or write down three inches large SAMPLE, use wash not to drop the big head pen to write, if send clothes also indicate men's and women's clothing, pants pants, a long-sleeved shirt. 9, private new clothes sent to the United States, there are invoice can walk, design is not all the same. The three within the same doesn't matter. 10, with quality inspection report of the product can't go by air, can only express. 11, when the receipt to check the actual weight, size, write weight, number, name of goods, copy a purpose, and write the number on the packing case and a few a few; Directory can't be send files, fragile items must be labeled fragile. Freight collect or prepaid goods can't be a email address ( P。 O. 框) ; Sample must be sent to Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa sole punch. 12, UPS freight collect goods, must be 6 digits of the account ( Letters and Numbers) ( UPS to pay half year monthly statement) , easy to refuse to pay, not cooked manufacturers must write a letter of guarantee, the one thousand recipient of refusal, stalling, easily or not receive money, UPS will not receive after released by Chinese original price, the freight charges to send a party to refuse to pay the price is according to UPS China released a lot of charge, plus fuel surcharge, UPS third party payment thing not to do, can only do pay, DHL to pay account number must be at the beginning of 96. No, other federal TNT not to pay, DHL single last league is to the customer, TNT, UPS, federal first single is for the sender, 13, international express mail address must be English. To Japan to address in English, can't be a Japanese. 14, to Taiwan express to provide a unified coding, on the other side of the Taiwan companies have unified coding, here will make a phone call to Taiwan to ask, send private Courier to number. To Taiwan are the finished shoes to produce landmarks, landmarks can not be producing artificial stick up, a box packaging can't more than 10 pairs. To Taiwan confidential phone telecom license, or will be confiscated and a fine, to Taiwan express carton surface can't be made in China ( Chinamakes) With the words. 15, Hong Kong express at the airport. Container terminal, freight center and to transport, to join the warehouse cost is 400 yuan/ticket, 100 - private storehouse 300, have into the warehouse receipt and INVOICE with cargo warehousing, also note the positions of the warehouse receipt period is late, the convention and exhibition center of customers to provide passport to enter, or clients come out to pick up the goods, remote and isolated islands to add remote fee. The largest size 16, domestic air plane is 3 m x1 x2 meters. Piece cannot be 5 meters, more than 100 KG of super long goods are difficult to walk, 5 meters long cloth carpet, straight strength no more than 50 centimeters by relationship can walk, the airport to the goods will be a few cents/KG of airport pick-up fee, door-to-door delivery of 50 - charge minimum for delivery More than 100 yuan, plus 1 yuan/KG for delivery. 17, before the big goods to the customer, goods name, quantity, size, weight to come over, query the airlines, in order to avoid back can't walk, want to give the money back again, white busy also kui the fare.
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