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International express delivery note ( C) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-11
2018 - 06 - 29 17:36:00 2, the following is rejected items: currency, bank promissory notes, drafts, checks, bonds, flammable and explosive, arms weapons, corrosion products, liquid, powder, fresh goods, CDS, a small amount of CDS can walk, disk, religious and political propaganda, obscene and pornographic materials, tobacco and alcohol, antiquities, jewelry and precious metals, auto parts, fake designer or abuse property items, drugs, and in more than 3 cm slab thickness, CPU, hard disk, lighters, food. ( EMS can send food) Three, sends a should pay attention to the item 1, when send the international express delivery must provide commercial invoice (in both English and Chinese 发票) , and packing list ( PACKINGLIST) Goods name, quantity, value must be clear, not general as samples, clothing, gifts, samples, test products, parts, items, boxes, toys, electronic parts, tools, samples, sample shoes, gloves samples, samples, and plastic products, these nouns easily buckle, best indicate that on the one hand, if the product value customer didn't provide by us about assessment, easy to produce high tariffs or customs clearance delays or buckle. 2, sends the DHL express can't change, if you want to change a single good must consult with the customer, because some customers already give the number to the guest, receiving guests sometimes according to the order receipt, express will refuse to accept the unknown, the customer or the hair at the same time two different recipients of express the same address, but wrote two single, the two votes will not be able to synthesize a go, prone to disputes, if the customer wants to two single number and sign for people in trouble. Abroad if the two wrong each other, will call the customer to send, expenses shall be borne by the responsible party, the solution: the receipt with two big head pen, a to the customer a oneself use, every time when you receive a call customer write the number on the spot and state name and number ( A few points) In order to avoid send the wrong place again. Easy death customers, also can't afford to lose. There are a lot of countries have a remote surcharge, belongs to the normal phenomenon, can examine the DHL net, explain to customers, 3, big American goods buckle, sometimes the customs ask the guest to provide id number, because the guest or loss caused by the customs of the customer conceit, first statement. Marble express fragile abroad, first statement broke free of; Aluminum products easy to deformation, prone to disputes, will first statement deformation does not compensate. Fragile easy bad products do not meet, as far as possible or good responsibility to pick up the goods, is broken not compensate. Circuit board must be packaged, international parts should be packed in cartons, don't use them. Woven bag. Big bag packing, otherwise the DHL not receiving. 4, delivery abroad is packed in wooden cases can't log, log should be insecticidal card, or to switch to deck packaging ( Note: the deck must have killed a bug) 。 5, India, Vietnam and other countries of destination tariffs on the high side, want to communicate with the customer first, to avoid the customer refuse to pay duties and freight and don't goods. 6, brand-name products must have a power of attorney, will be confiscated and a fine.
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