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International express delivery note ( On) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-22
2018 - 06 - 28 15:28:00 international express refers to two or more than two countries ( Or region) Conducted between the express and logistics business. National and state ( Or region) Deliver letters, business documents and goods delivery business, is through the national border between port and customs for inspection express release the shipping method. International express delivery note? Prosper international trade logistics park here small make up something about for everybody! Attention international express, international to customs clearance delays or buckle off the reason mainly has the following five: 1, the invoice is not detailed, 2 wait for the recipient to pay custom duty. 3. Declare low value or commodity. Quantity discrepancy. 4 counterfeit or fake designer. 5 the customs check the goods. 2, international usually have tariffs, is generally to the receiver, but there are also duty-free express, each country is different, poor countries tariffs will be a little high, 3, customs regulation for a shipment value should not exceed 5000 yuan, or big yo $600, will quote low is low, than to separate customs declaration, DHL. UPS remote delivery fee minimum 180 yuan/ticket, ( TNT global remote) More goods, you can press 3. 5 yuan/KG, can be in DHL. UPS's website to confirm whether the remote, the pieces of less than 0. 5 kg by 0. 5 kg, more than 21 kg big goods, do not collect the first heavy, volume weight algorithm is; Length X width X height = 5000 KG, to measure the longest side, real heavy material supplied by pricing, small Courier charge formula: ( Kg - 0. 5) X2X continued heavy + first X1 = amount. 17 = total fuel surcharges
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