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by:CNS     2020-12-22
2016 - 05 - 11 21:30:00 DHL international express international express cargo clearance problem often due to the recipient's information is wrong, the goods have brand logo, declare value discrepancy, incomplete information, the lack of the special documents, international express company in local customs clearance ability, special customs inspection and so on reasons for customs clearance of goods delivery delay. DHL international Courier in order to better provide customers fast, safe, economic, international express service. DHL international express Courier clearance delays common problems listed the processing method, hope to get the customer to complete fast customs clearance delivery service. First DHL cargo clearance has a problem, the local DHL to contact the recipient and inform the customs clearance problem, the sender must do the following two points: one, you make contact with the recipient and the local DHL have to inform the recipient to help customs clearance, and verify situation continue to consult DHL, local customs will notify the local DHL, the goods to us, we have an obligation to help you to follow up the goods. Is only a matter of possible local DHL reply will be slow, because open after the search, they assigned customer service to follow up, and sometimes some problems. So it's best to contact the recipient, such verification problems more quickly. Second DHL international express customs clearance delays common problems and treatment methods: one, in the qing dynasty guanzhong recipient's information is wrong or can't contact the recipient requires you to provide correct information to DHL on this side of the addressee, then this way sent to the local DHL contact customer arrange clearance, at the same time, you'd better inform the recipient contact local DHL directly, such confirmation will be fast. If you have any customer contact, to verify the local DHL the recipient will know what's the problem with customs clearance, and the corresponding processing, need what help can also be processed in a timely manner. Second, in the qing dynasty guanzhong express items contain brand logo, with brand logo items are required to provide transport brand letter of authorization. May be buckle off without brand letter of authorization. The customs will be required to provide the authorization letter, then the recipient must provide authorization letter to DHL to smooth customs clearance; Three, in the guanzhong qing customs declared value in the commercial invoice discrepancy in delivery goods declared value too high too low customs value discrepancy, will need to provide a detailed description and the use of the new commercial invoice to DHL for customs clearance. And declared value discrepancy likely in the local produce a fine. Four, when the DHL international Courier no clearance ability in local DHL international Courier requires the recipient to find an agent to assist clearance, the goods to the agent for the customs clearance, DHL agent will transfer information to customs clearance, that there was no way to follow up at this time the DHL customs clearance of the goods, can be directly to the recipient to confirm; 5, delivery goods when the customs clearance without realizing the documents DHL international Courier will need to provide import license, and similar of the special documents of certificate of origin to DHL to help clearance. Six, the guanzhong qing when the special inspection of the goods, the customs do not need to provide any assistance at this time, can only wait for customs inspection well, think that no problem will put the goods, this kind of situation can only, etc. Seven, the guanzhong qing receipt of refusal tariffs when the express mail is usually paid by the recipient, the recipient refuse to pay tariff, you so many goods are generally have tariffs, tariff may be high. If the recipient refuse to pay duties, you can convince the recipient to pay tariff, or tax paid in advance the tariff reform is to charge in advance. International express clear guanzhong is clearance of goods in the customs there can't put too long, put for a long time may be the customs seizure or destruction, can be returned, the cost of the return charge according to the published price, is quite high. If tariffs have an addressee is the refusal of payment, even if the return or abandon a handle, you still have an obligation to pay the duties. So please customers according to the above some of the common customs clearance delay problem actively cooperate with the DHL international express quickly deal with the problem. In order to produce unnecessary costs, accelerate the aging of customs clearance delivery. MYEX are generally not prior notice, do it in advance, so don't delay customer delay problems.
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