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International Express Notes (Part 2) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-12
International express precautions (below): 2018-06-30 10:28:00 7. The customer's DHL can only go to Dongguan DHL, or Hong Kong DHL. Do not export from other places. Sending from other places will delay time, such as Hangzhou, Hangzhou can collect the actual weight, and the gains are not worth the loss. Hong Kong is the most ideal place to fly. Hong Kong Airport is the world's first and Asia's. It is professionally grouped. International shipments in the United States and Canada must have a zip code. 8. Textile shipping The United States requires a quota certificate. If there is no quota certificate, you must cut a three-inch long hole or write a three-inch large SAMPLE, and write it with a large pen that cannot be washed. If you send clothes, you must also indicate men's clothing, women's clothing, shorts and trousers. , Long-sleeved short-sleeved and the like. 9. Private new clothes are sent to the United States. Those with invoices can go, and the styles cannot be all the same. It does not matter if the three pieces are the same. 10. There are no chemical products with quality inspection reports. If you take air freight, you can only take express. 11. When receiving the package, check the actual weight, size, write material weight, number of pieces, and name of the goods, make a copy and leave a copy, and then write the order number and the number of copies on the container; The catalog cannot be sent as a document, and fragile items must be labeled with a fragile label. The goods that are paid on delivery or prepaid cannot be the mailbox address (POBOX); the sample shoes must be perforated when they are sent to Italy, South Africa, and the Netherlands. 12. UPS shipping The goods paid on delivery must be a 6-digit account number (letters and numbers) (UPS on delivery is half a year monthly), it is easy to refuse to pay, unfamiliar manufacturers must write a letter of guarantee, in case the recipient refuses to pay , It’s easy to rip off, or you can’t receive the payment. UPS will charge the sender at the original price announced by China after receiving the payment. The refused price is based on the price announced by UPS China. Fuel costs, UPS third-party payment cannot be done, only payment can be done, the DHL payment account must start with 96. Others are not available, the federal TNT will not receive the payment, and the last copy of the DHL bill is for the customer. TNT, UPS, and the first copy of the Federal Bill are for the sender. 13. International express mail must be in English. Addresses to Japan must be in English, not Japanese. 14. Express to Taiwan must provide a unified code, which is in Taiwan. The company on the side has a unified code, and I don’t know if I call Taiwan to ask, and send it to a private courier to ask for the number. All finished shoes in Bay must have a place of origin mark. The place mark must not be manually affixed. A box of packaging cannot exceed 10 pairs. A telephone set in Taiwan requires a telecommunications license, or it will be confiscated and fined. The surface of the express carton must not have the words Made in China (Chinamakes). 15. If the express delivery in Hong Kong arrives at the airport, container terminal, freight center, and warehouses, you must add a warehouse fee of 400 yuan/ticket, and private warehouses range from 100-300. A warehouse receipt and INVOICE are required to enter the warehouse. Pay attention to whether the warehouse period on the warehouse receipt has expired. Customers who go to the exhibition center must provide a pass to enter, or customers who come out to pick up the goods. Remote and outlying islands must add remote fees. 16.The largest size of domestic air transport aircraft is 3 meters x 2 meters x 1.5 meters, and a single piece of goods cannot exceed 100KG. It is difficult to walk with oversized and long cargo. Fabric carpets with a length of more than 5 meters can pass through with a straightness of less than 50 cm. The relationship can go, the airport pick-up fee will be a few cents/KG for the airport pickup fee, the minimum delivery fee for door-to-door delivery ranges from 50-100 yuan, and 1 yuan/KG delivery fee will be added for more goods. 17.Before receiving the bulk goods, the customer must report the product name, quantity, size, and actual weight, and check the airline company, so as not to take it back and go, and then send it back, and the fare is lost in vain.
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