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International Express Precautions (Part 1) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-12
International express precautions (on): 2018-06-28 15:28:00 International express refers to express and logistics services carried out between two or more countries (or regions). Country and country (or region) ) The delivery of letters, commercial documents, and articles is the delivery method for express shipments to be inspected and released through border ports and customs between countries. What are the precautions for international express delivery? Here is the editor of Hengtong International Trade Logistics Park for everyone ! International express precautions 1. The main reasons for the delay or deduction of customs clearance when the international shipment arrives at the other party’s customs are mainly as follows: 1. The invoice is not detailed, 2. 4 Counterfeit or imitation brand names. 5 Customs inspection of goods. 2. International shipments generally have tariffs, which are usually given by the recipient, but there are also duty-free express shipments. Each country is different, and the tariffs of poor countries will be a bit high. 3. Customs regulations The value of a shipment cannot exceed 5,000 yuan, which is equivalent to 600 U.S. dollars. If you can report a low point, you will report a low point. If you exceed it, you must declare separately. The delivery fee for DHL.UPS in remote areas is at least 180 yuan/ticket, (TNT Global Not remote) If you have more goods, it will be calculated at 3.5 yuan/KG. You can check on the DHL.UPS website to confirm whether it is remote. If the international package is less than 0.5KG, it will be calculated as 0.5KG. If it is more than 21KG, it will be considered large. The algorithm is; length X width X height divided by 5000 u003d KG, the longest side of the amount is required, the actual weight is heavy and the larger is billed, the formula for small express charges: (kg-0.5) X2X continued weight + first weight u003d amount X1 .17 Fuel surcharge u003d total
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