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International freight agent

by:CNS     2020-05-06
The import and export business, international trade terms: trade terms is constitute an important part of international trade price, it is to use the concept of a brief or three letter abbreviation to explain the price structure and the division of responsibilities between the seller and the buyer. Price: refers to the relevant cost is how to calculate, in addition to the value of the goods itself, also includes what affiliate fees; The division of responsibilities between the seller and the buyer: mainly is the delivery method, determine the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers in the delivery of goods. In regarding the transaction, both parties enter into a contract, should pay attention to several important questions: ( 1) Where the seller and in what way to deal with the handover of the goods? ( 2) By whom the goods transportation, insurance and customs clearance formalities, and bear the relevant risks and costs? ( 3) Who will take the goods in transit may appear the risk of loss of or damage to the goods? ( 4) Which documents the buyer and the seller need to exchange, and bear the relevant responsibilities and obligations? Second, the international freight forwarding, international forwarding agent business scope (1 1) As an agent engaged in land, sea and air import and export goods customs clearing agent and insurance business; ( 2) As a broker, agent, or the parties engaged in land, sea and air cargo chartering, booking, and transport organization, etc; ( 3) As a multimodal transport operator is engaged in the multimodal transport operations; ( 4) As a third party logistics operator is engaged in the logistics services business. 2, international forwarding agent should possess the professional qualities of 1) 2) have good credit standing 3) understand the relevant laws and regulations and policy Proficient in international freight business knowledge such as: international liner shipping agent should be 'six' ( 1) Understand the present situation and the international liner routes, which is line. ( 2) Understand the loading and unloading port, which port of destination. ( 3) Know the ship situation, namely, ship. ( 4) Know the goods demand for transportation, which is available. ( 5) Understand the freight market, which is price. ( 6) Understand the business operation procedures, namely the discipline. 3 and the responsibilities of the international forwarding agent ( 1) According to the agency agreement ( The contract) Regulations, be responsible for the matters entrusted and the instruction of the principal. ( 2) Truthfully report all important matters. ( 3) Agency confidential. ( 4) Agent shall truthfully to the client to collect. ( 5) Deal with their not enforce contracts liable for the goods caused by the loss.
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