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International freight forwarding transportation procedures

by:CNS     2021-07-13
International freight forwarding transportation procedures 2021-06-20 21:57:03 (1) Receive customer inquiries. When customers inquire about chartering transportation, they should ask the customer about the following questions: ① Transportation method: Panamax and Cape of Good Hope; ② Shipping port and unloading port; ③Name and quantity of the goods; ④Loading rate and unloading rate; ⑤Water line of loading and unloading port; ⑥Estimated transportation time; ⑦Customer unit name, contact person, telephone, telex, electronic Mail, fax, etc. After understanding this information, inform the customer that the freight company will report the freight of the taxi as soon as possible, as well as the cost of customs declaration and forwarding at the port. (2) Understand the time of loading and unloading of the user. After the user and the freight company appraise the transportation agent and the customs declaration agreement, according to the time of the ship's arrival at the unloading port, the user will be notified in advance to provide a copy of the required set of customs declaration documents. (3) The time limit for import declaration shall be declared within 14 days from the date of declaration of entry of the means of transport. Chaori Customs will levy a late declaration fee. If no tax is paid within 14 days of the tax bill, the customs will levy a late fee. (4) Inspection procedures: Commodity inspection fees are paid, a single water gauge is used for customs clearance, a sampling test, and a quality certificate. Customs declaration procedures: declaration, inspection, tax collection, release and customs clearance. (5) Customs declaration and inspection documents: Inspection documents: power of attorney, inspection declaration, contract, invoice, foreign water gauge weight list, and quality certificate. Customs declaration documents: copies of customs declaration power of attorney, customs declaration form, contract, invoice, weight list, commodity inspection clearance form, insurance policy, letter of credit.
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