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International logistics hub, driving the development of the entire regional economy and industry

by:CNS     2021-07-14
International logistics hub, driving the development of the entire regional economy and industry 2021-03-02 17:21 International logistics, hub, driving, the entire, regional economy, and, industry, dry ports are established in inland areas with customs declaration and reporting The main function of the logistics center for port service functions such as inspection and issuance of bills of lading in the logistics system is to pre-consolidate goods, and its essence is the extension of port functions inland. It is understood that Puyang City is preparing to build a 'one-stop' closed-loop service platform such as packing, customs declaration, inspection declaration, and ship booking. As an international logistics hub in northern Henan, it will promote the development of the entire regional economy and industry. Puyang City has unique conditions for the development of a dry port, with outstanding location characteristics and huge development potential; distinctive industrial characteristics, solid development foundation; open and inclusive city, and excellent development environment, making it a very attractive investment hot spot and entrepreneurial paradise. As a sea passage and a land-sea joint transportation node city in the Central Plains Economic Zone, Puyang has trade relations with 135 countries and regions in the world, including 51 countries and regions along the Belt and Road. In recent years, Puyang City, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, insisted on promoting high-quality economic development with high-quality party building, highlighted the 'four priorities, Committed to transformational development and innovative development, the growth rate of main economic indicators ranks first in the province for consecutive years, and the city’s economic and social development has maintained a good momentum of steady improvement and quality improvement. Mayor Yang Qingjiu said at the signing ceremony that he will continue to connect with every investor and every project, and provide full nanny services, so that entrepreneurs can invest with confidence, operate with peace of mind, and live a comfortable life. 'Puyang will be more open-minded, more preferential policies, and more sincere services, and welcome all guests and friends to invest and develop business and achieve win-win development.' At the signing ceremony that followed, Mayor Yang Qingjiu, Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference Zheng Dawen, Deputy Director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Zou Dongbo, Deputy Mayor Zhang Hongyi, Vice President of SDIC Cinda Group, Mr. Ding Zhaoji and other business representatives came to the stage to verify the signature. The successful signing of these projects will certainly inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of Puyang City. The party branch of International Logistics Handan Company launched the 'Special Educational Knowledge Answers' activity to strengthen the implementation and learning of the party members’ speech to the center group and the spirit of the cadre meeting, continue to implement the style and discipline rectification, strengthen the business level, and promote the integration of party building work into the center work , The decisive battle against various task indicators in the fourth quarter has laid an ideological and theoretical foundation for the development of the work of winning the three major tasks. According to reports, the conference will invite more than 1,000 people from more than 70 countries and regions around the world to participate in the conference, including leaders of logistics industry organizations, industry experts, corporate executives, and representatives of domestic logistics and related companies. The conference will focus on 'Connectivity, Integrated DevelopmentDuring the meeting, a symposium on cities along the China-Europe railway line will be held to analyze and explore the current pain points and difficulties in the operation of the China-Europe railway railway, find countermeasures, put forward reasonable suggestions, and promote the formulation and implementation of related policies. The China International Logistics Development Conference was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission of China and co-hosted by the China Communications and Transportation Association and the International Logistics and Transportation Society.
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