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by:CNS     2021-04-01
How to ship oversized cargo: 2016-05-14 12:18:00 There are many types of goods transported in international ocean transportation, and the types of ships and loading and unloading equipment used to transport goods are also different for different types of goods. In this issue, we will introduce how to transport oversized cargo in terms of ship type and loading and unloading equipment for specific cargo. 1. Truck. The truck is transported by PCTC (PURECAR TRUCK CARRIER). Its main feature is that it uses a single deck (generally between 3-4 meters in height) and the cabin can accommodate large trucks. The maximum load capacity of the ship’s tail jump can reach 45 tons. The square meter has a deadweight of up to 3 tons, so overweight trucks can be allowed to jump into the cabin through the stern of the ship. 2. Large equipment. Generally speaking, the transportation of large-scale equipment is more complicated. Some parts are larger in volume and tonnage, which cannot be transported in general containers, and some parts and accessories can be transported in containers. At present, this kind of equipment generally adopts the ship type RORO AND CONTAINER, which can load large parts and containers at the same time, so it is the ideal ship type for the transportation of many large equipment. So which loading and unloading equipment is more reasonable for this type of ship? BOLSTER FLATBED is suitable for large parts within 4 meters in length and 28 tons in weight. The cargo is hoisted to the slab by a crane with a lifting height of no more than one meter (to avoid damage to the cargo caused by the swing and overturning of the cargo during the lifting process), and then use a special nylon belt (its rigidity is equivalent to that of a steel wire rope, but relative to the The wire rope can greatly reduce the wear on the surface of the cargo) or the wire rope is added with gaskets to fix the cargo on the flat plate, and the cargo is transported into the cabin by the forklift through the stern of the ship. ROLLTRAILER is suitable for transporting overweight and oversized cargo. Theoretically, it can carry cargo up to 25 meters long and weighing up to 120 tons. However, due to the limitation of the carrying capacity of tail jumps and the carrying capacity of tractors, the actual carrying capacity will be too small. some. ROLLTRAILER jumps into the cabin by the self-propelled tractor through the stern of the ship, which can achieve zero damage to the cargo. 3. Train carriages. As the train carriage is long, 40 meters long, the general ROLLTRAILER transportation will not be able to rotate into the cabin due to the restriction of the hatch. SPECIALDESIGNEDTRAILERS (special tire bogies) can solve this problem. The tires of this equipment can realize 360-degree rotation and can be transported into the cabin by turning around when jumping into the cabin through the stern of the ship.
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