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International multimodal transport of transport organization form, 2)

by:CNS     2020-05-26
( 1) The Siberian continental bridge ( 西伯利亚的陆地桥) The Siberian continental bridge ( SLB) Refers to using international standard container, the goods from the far east sea to the eastern Russia port, then through across the west afraid of Eurasia railway to the Baltic such as Estonia tallinn or latvian Riga port, and then USES the railway, highway or sea shipped across Europe routes of transportation of the international multimodal transport. The Siberian continental bridge in 1971 by the original whole Sue national foreign trade transportation company formally established. Annual volume up to 100000 teus (now TEU) , up to 150000 teu. Use of the land bridge transit operators mainly Japan, China and Europe's freight forwarder. Among them, the Japanese exports Europe grocery V3, 1/5 of the European exports Asian groceries is this piece of land bridge transport. Thus, it is in communication, Eurasian promote's important position in international trade. The Siberian continental bridge transportation including sea iron iron, iron sea iron and and sea and air, sea, and so on four kind of mode of transportation. By Russia's transit transport corporation ( SOJUZTRANSIT) General managers, it has issued the goods transit license rights, and issue a unified whole through bill of lading, responsible for the entire transport. As to participate in the various transportation sections, using each other, the carrier brought all the way to complete the entire transport task. It can be said that the Siberian continental bridge is one of the more typical multimodal transport transit routes. The Siberian continental bridge is the longest in the world of a land bridge transport routes. It greatly shortened from Japan, the far east, southeast Asia and Oceania to European transport distance, and save the transportation time. From the far east of Russia's Pacific coast port to Europe land bridge transit total length of 13000 km. But in the whole process of the corresponding water transportation distance ( Through the Suez Canal) About 20000 km. From yokohama, Japan to Europe in Rotterdam, the use of land bridge transportation can not only make the distance shortened 1/3, transport time can also save half. In addition, in the general case, the transportation cost also can save 20% ~ 30%, and thus has great attraction to the owner. Due to the Siberian continental bridge has advantages, so as its popularity with fear, also attracted many of the far east, southeast Asia and Oceania region transportation to Europe, the west afraid leah land bridge has a rapid development in just a few years time. But the Siberian continental bridge transportation in operational management problems such as deficiency of port handling capacity, railway container vehicles, container flow serious imbalance, and the impact of the cold climate in a certain extent hindered the development of it. Especially as an railway in our country and in the soil, on the border of the west rail line, a new Eurasia land bridge formation, of international container multimodal transport in the far east to Europe provides a convenient route again, make the west afraid leah land bridge face tough competition situation.
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