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International multimodal transport of transport organization form, A)

by:CNS     2020-05-26
International multimodal transport is to use two or more different modes of transportation for intermodal transport organization form. Here refers to at least two modes of transportation can be: sea and land, air, naval and air, etc. This with general sea sea, Lu Lu, empty form of combined transport the distinction that having essence, etc. Although the latter is combined transport, but is still the same between transportation mode of transportation. As is known to all, any mode of transport has its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, the water transportation has big capacity, the advantages of low cost; Highway transportation has flexible, easy to realize the cargo door to ask the transport characteristics, the main advantage of the railway transportation is not influenced by climate, can implement the goods over long distances inland and across inland transportation on time; But the main advantage of air transport is can realize rapid transport of the goods. Due to the strict rules of international multimodal transport must adopt two and more than two kinds of mode of transportation of multimodal transport, so the transport organization form can be comprehensive use of the advantages of each transport mode, and fully embody the characteristics of socialization production major traffic. Because the international multimodal transport has other forms of transport organization incomparable superiority, thus has the international transport of new technologies in the world's major countries and regions have a wide range of promotion and application. Currently, the main representative countries multimodal transport is the far east/Europe, far east/north American land, sea and air transport, such as its organization form includes: 1, the multimodal combined transport by rail and sea multimodal combined transport by rail and sea international multimodal transport is the main organizational form, and the far east/European multimodal transport is one of the main organization form. Current organization and management in the far east/European multimodal combined transport by rail and sea business mainly include liner conference sanlian group, north Holland, navigation and the Danish crown international shipping companies such as maersk, and non liner conference of China ocean shipping company, Taiwan and Germany that the shipping company and other shipping company. This kind of organization form to shipping company as the main body, combined transport bill of lading issued, and at the ends of the route inland transportation departments to carry out the transport business, and land transportation in competition. 2, land bridge transport in the international multimodal transport, land bridge transport ( 大陆桥服务) Plays a very important role. It is the main form of the far east/European international multimodal transport. Land bridge transportation refers to the use container trains or trucks, transcontinental railway or highway as the middle & other; Bridge & throughout; , container shipping lanes at the ends of the mainland and the special train or truck connected a coherent mode of transportation. He speak strictly, land bridge transport is also a form of multimodal combined transport by rail and sea. Just because of its unique status in the international multimodal transport, in this to separate it as a form of transport organization. At present, the far east/Europe land bridge transport lines have the Siberian continental bridge and land bridge in North America.
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