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is ocean freight amazon\'s next business?

by:CNS     2019-12-15
Amazon, at least for the past year.
Com has been focusing on how to get these four-
An hour later, there will be a dollar deodorant on the customer\'s door.
Now there\'s evidence that Seattle-
US-based online retailers are considering moving packages to larger locations.
On Thursday, Flexport, a San Francisco startup, found a web file showing Amazon had registered as a shipping carrier in the United States.
Flexport, which helps companies deal with global trade, found the document on the Federal Maritime Commission\'s website, which lists Amazon China as an entity that can provide Trans-Pacific freight services.
Ryan Petersen, CEO of Flexport, called the move \"huge\" and said it could allow Amazon to enter his estimated $350 billion shipping market.
The move could also bring Chinese manufacturers directly into the US market. S.
Effectively eliminating thousands of customers
Allow these manufacturers to ship and store goods in Amazon warehouses in the United States, thus trading between sellers.
\"They can cut off a lot of middlemen on Amazon\'s seller program, 40,000 of which earn more than $1 million,\" Peterson said . \". An Amazon.
A spokesman for the company declined to comment on the registration documents.
Flexport\'s blog post does point out that it may take several years for Amazon to become a cargo ship, and the license it gets is \"just the first step \".
\"Before the company entered the shipping business, it was reported that the company might lease its own aircraft to help with logistics operations and will acquire a French shipping company.
Amazon\'s license was obtained through Amazon China and its subsidiary Joyo.
In 2004, Amazon bought Joyo, then one of China\'s largest online retailers, to fight Alibaba.
Although Amazon is relatively unsuccessful in the Chinese market, its entry into the freight market may be more attractive to Chinese manufacturers and sellers who want to connect directly with international customers.
When asked if Amazon sellers who purchase products from China would consider using any type of Amazon freight service, Peterson expressed serious doubt.
The freight service provider must list the exact value of all its shipments, which will enable Amazon to have a direct understanding of pricing.
This may give the company a further advantage in reducing customer prices.
\"In the position of Amazon merchants, do you want Amazon to know the price of your goods? \"Peterson said.
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