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Know about the air cargo business how to buck the trend rise?

by:CNS     2020-08-20
Know about the air cargo business how to buck the trend rise? 1 to July this year, ningbo air cargo throughput at 6. 040000 tons, year-on-year growth of 8. 7%, ranking first in the three major airports in the whole province. Among them, all the more than 20000 tons of cargo traffic volume, growth of 32. 8%. Under the background of global cold air freight, ningbo air cargo business how to buck the trend rise? Positive response to the market downturn since 2018, the global economic and trade situation has been tense, air cargo demand has significant slowdown in growth. According to the international air transport association, as a result of environmental degradation and the negative impact of trade tensions persist, the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region air freight market weakness. Growing rapidly. Air cargo demand is facing a greater resistance. According to the relevant person in charge of ningbo airport, in addition to the factors of trade, some policy changes in recent years, air cargo increasingly fierce competition, the airline strategic adjustment and so on all has a significant influence on ningbo air cargo business. It is reported that ningbo - Tianjin, shijiazhuang - Ningbo - Changsha two domestic freight routes and ningbo to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, two international freight routes and dhaka, Bangladesh has been grounded, some of them to Europe and the United States has decreased. In the face of adverse situation, ningbo airport put into use in 2018. Not only provides a Boeing 767 cargo all support services, also added of deep freight routes. It also opened its imported from South America to the Boeing 747 - the first batch of fresh beer 400. Chartered flight path. At the same time, Long Hao aviation airport opened in ningbo cargo airlines Boeing 737 cargo plane flying to guangzhou. On this basis, the ningbo airport won the Connie airlines continue to fly to South America in the first quarter of this year the whole cargo aircraft flight's work, and coordinate the port joint inspection unit common cold chain of fresh goods for customs clearance, such as lobster and salmon. Since April this year, the air motion has ningbo to guangzhou freight routes increased to 5 classes each week. In a series of accelerating the development of freight plan, under the impetus of the ningbo airport freight business development has made new breakthroughs in this year. At present, ningbo airport freight routes including the air motion in ningbo - shenzhen, guangzhou, Hong Kong route, ningbo jinpeng airlines - Osaka, Japan airlines, Air China cargo airlines and Connie ningbo - South America routes. Among them, the first half of this year, three volumes of cargo airlines were obvious rising trend. The motion of air motion to guangzhou freight routes than the same period last year increased by 32 flights, but freight rose 16% year-on-year. In the first half of this year, China cargo airlines and Connie two intercontinental airlines cargo airlines freight to ningbo airport freight and 41% of total freight volume.
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