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Know our forwarder knowledge to how to do the industry - The international air transportation

by:CNS     2020-08-02
Know our forwarder knowledge to how to do the industry - International air freight we have been taught knowledge is power, but when we read a lot about freight forwarding, learned a lot about the knowledge of the freight forwarders, began to become a freight forwarder, we still can feel helpless, became a international air freight, owner of this kind of feeling is more obvious. Why is this? In fact, the answer is simple. What you learn is knowledge. You should take these into the experience of a lot of knowledge, so as to change your way of thinking, leading you to better understand the industry as well as the attitude to the industry. Only in this way, will you be able to create value for yourself. Why do some people learn a lot about Shanghai by air, or they are not good at Shanghai by air? Why public opinion advocate read more books? Because the knowledge in the book, only a small part can be used as a experience to help you create value and wealth. Only when you learn more, you can have more space. To freight forwarders, especially their boss, is there any way to improve the conversion rate of knowledge into their own value? Yes, this is practice! Only combining the practice and knowledge unceasingly, can create practical value, at the same time to translate knowledge into concrete operating experience. At the same time, the practice is the basis for the freight forwarding enterprise growth. No practice, no way to know the direction of progress. Only through constant practice, market exploration and constant feedback to adjust development strategy and direction, to have greater room for growth and faster growth. All international air freight company in Shanghai are so grown up. In the process of development, they have many unique operation method, these methods are integrated into the company's rules and regulations, corporate culture, and the characteristics of the work. For air freight company in Shanghai, the most important is not the customer channel or a fixed volume, but the accumulation of knowledge structure, the knowledge structure has been integrated into all aspects of the freight forwarder. If a very successful Shanghai air freight company reopened, recruiting new employees, develop channels, it may not be able to meet its initial success, because the knowledge structure disappeared, the accumulation of knowledge structure is all sorts of relevant experience, it is a very difficult process is established.
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