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Large cargo transport in logistics operation guidelines ( Below) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-18
The rules, A) Without approval to transport large items, impose a fine of less than RMB 5000 on commercial shipping operator, transporters for sustaining a fine of more than 2000 yuan. ( 2) For beyond the approved categories the carrier transport operators of large objects with a fine of less than RMB 3000. ( 3) Not have sign lights, The flag) Trains and furnish does not conform to requirements, each a fine of more than 100 yuan and 300 yuan. Plan guidance manner at the time of going through the formalities for the shipping, except as stipulated in the general, the shipper must submit the goods specifications, and specific requirements such as loading and unloading, and reinforcement under special circumstances, must also deal with whoever transports to the relevant department. Checking the relevant information of the carrier shall be provided according to the shipper, to master the specific characteristics of the goods, choose suitable for vehicles, under the condition of the transportation safety condition and ability, to go through the formalities of the carrier. 2. The carrier should be based on the appearance of big goods size and quality of the goods, investigation job site before of shipment with the shipper and the running route, along the road line and bridge culvert through capacity, and transport organization plan formulation. Involve other departments should be prior to the relevant authorities to declare and consent, before of shipment. Pictures of cargo handling, such as strengthening technical solution and operational procedures, and strictly implemented, ensure the reasonable loading, strengthening solid, safe loading and unloading. Handling operation shall be the responsibility of the carrier, should according to the requirements of the shipper, the characteristics of the goods and loading and unloading operation procedures for homework. Shall be the responsibility of the shipper, the carrier should be according to the appointed time will drive to the loading and unloading location, and supervision of loading and discharging. 4. Transport of bulk cargo, belongs to the overloading transportation, road management organizations should be charged according to apply for the overloading transportation vehicles pass, according to the checked and approved to pay. In urban transport large goods, by the public security organ and municipal engineering department to review and sent to whoever transports, before shipping. ⒌ along designated routes and time is running, and the goods, the longest, the widest, the highest place obvious safety sign, when driving during the day, hanging markers; Night driving and parking rest fashion symbol lamp, to alert traffic. Special goods, want to have special cars the way, in a timely manner to eliminate obstacles. 6. Transportation cost be determined by the bearing, both sides talks things over. Heavy objects due to transport large of special road and Bridges reinforcement, repair and reform the escort, loading and unloading expenses, shall be borne by the shipper. Marine operations of bulk cargo transportation at present, the transport of goods in international ocean transportation, sort is various, according to different types of goods and use cargo ship types, loading and unloading equipment also is different. In this issue we from two aspects of ship type, loading and unloading equipment for specific goods how to transport large pieces of goods. The truck. Truck transportation use PCTC ( PURECARTRUCKCARRIER) And its main characteristic is to use single deck ( Generally 3 to 4 meters high) Hold can accommodate large trucks, the maximum load for the Marine stern jump up to 45 tons, load up to 3 tons per square meter, so it can allow the overweight truck through the tail to jump into the cabin of the ship. Large equipment. Transportation of large equipment, in general, is more complex, some parts may have large size, large tonnage, cannot use the common container transportation, and some parts can use container transport. ROROANDCONTAINER commonly used at present, this kind of equipment that ship form, can carry large parts and containers at the same time, so is the ideal form of large equipment transportation choice. This boat is equipped with what handling equipment is reasonable? BOLSTERFLATBED this equipment is suitable for the 4 meters long, heavy within 28 tons of large components. The goods by the crane to the tablet, lifting height is less than one meter, To avoid the goods in the process of lifting the damage of goods caused by swinging, flip) And then use a special nylon tape ( Its rigid equal to steel wire rope, but relative to steel wire rope can greatly reduce the wear and tear on the surface of the goods) Or wire rope gasket, fixed on the plate, the goods by the forklift through tail jump the goods into the cabin of the ship. ROLLTRAILER overweight, this equipment is suitable for the transport bulky cargo, could theoretically be carrying 25 metres long and weigh up to 120 tons of cargo, but due to the tail jump and pulling the head of the transport capacity of limit bearing capacity, the actual bearing capacity are small. ROLLTRAILER passed by since the generation of mop head ship stern jumped into the cabin, can realize zero damage to the goods. The train carriage. Due to a longer train cars, 40 meters long so the general ROLLTRAILER transport will be because of the limitation of hatch body can't rotate into chamber. SPECIALDESIGNEDTRAILERS ( Special tire bogie) Tires can solve this problem, the device can realize rotate 360 degrees, can be turned into compartment when the tail into the tank of the ship. Extension: system lack for large transport such a special mode of transportation of key project construction, to the relevant government departments at present a special management method. Main basis is the ministry of communications in 2000 second order 'transfinite transport vehicle traffic highway management regulations'. Equate large transport cannot be dismantled with artificial overloading transportation, is a big transportation management chaos throughout the &; Throughout, high charge &; Throughout, traffic &; Such problems as the important reasons.
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