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Large high voltage distribution ark international logistics | equipment | big cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-21
2016 - 06 - 27 21:35:00 large high voltage distribution ark cruise transportation shenzhen international logistics co. , LTD. , to undertake large equipment transportation, large boiler equipment, large-scale extrusion machine equipment, overweight transportation, logistics and its peripheral equipment, overweight transportation, lifting a dragon service. Large equipment accessories of high voltage distribution ark shipping @ cruise cruise international logistics shenzhen international logistics co. , LTD. Nine of the advantages of large transportation: 1, large transportation project organization and management scheme and technical construction design, check, approve 2, the road investigation, including the calculation of carrying capacity of roads, Bridges, 3 monitoring and management, constantly tracking in the whole process of the goods and report 4, the project organization and implementation of site 5, large transport fleet, and experienced technical personnel 6, overweight, transfinite cargo road transport services 7, the entire carriage cowcatcher escort 8 unloading 9, large-scale professional lifting equipment, site construction, transportation, the whole process of quality management and control of shenzhen cruise international logistics co. , LTD. , large transport service scope: special transportation: large cargo transportation project plan and implementation, Heavy transportation 60 t - 300吨) Precision equipment car transport ( The company own 40 cm - 90 cm ultra-low scooter) Comprehensive logistics: planning and plan implementation logistics service providers to domestic shipping: free road transport door to door service shenzhen big transportation WWW cruise logistics co. , LTD. cnslogistic。 Com service telephone: 0755 - 82978979 sales department: 18002569199 Mr Deng
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