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Layout requirements of warehouse storage area

by:CNS     2021-07-16
The layout requirements of the warehouse storage area 2021-06-20 12:52:12 Guangzhou Logistics mainly considers two factors when arranging the warehouse storage area: one is to fully improve the utilization rate of storage space, and the other is to improve the efficiency of logistics operations. Specifically, it must meet the following six requirements: 1. The layout of the storage area in accordance with the operation process should be based on the warehouse operation procedures to ensure the relative convenience of related operations and improve operation efficiency. 2. Shorten the handling distance The layout of the storage area should be as short as possible to store materials and the movement distance of staff, and improve the efficiency of storage labor. 3. The layout of the storage area for reducing invalid labor should be conducive to the effective use of working time, avoid the ineffective duplication of various tasks and time delays, make the various operations links organically connected, and prevent material jams. 4. Reasonable use of space. The layout of storage areas should be conducive to making full use of warehouse area and building space, eliminating waste of warehouse area and building space, and improving warehouse utilization and warehouse economic benefits. 5. Arrange the layout of the storage area of u200bu200bsupporting facilities to be conducive to the full use of the various facilities, equipment, storage and transportation machinery of the warehouse, and to improve equipment efficiency and labor productivity. 6. Pay attention to the layout of the safe storage area of u200bu200bthe warehouse to be conducive to the safety of the entire warehouse including storage materials, storage personnel, storage facilities and storage equipment.
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