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Logistics cost control should be to reduce the total logistics cost as the objective

by:CNS     2020-08-01
Logistics cost control should be to reduce the total logistics cost as the target air freight company to relevant departments ( Units) It is necessary to carry out logistics cost control, it is also the department ( Units) One of the basic duties. Through specialized department of logistics cost control, Shanghai air freight company can be sustained and comprehensive control the forming process of logistics cost, and it is also necessary for logistics cost control work. In a sense, Shanghai air freight company adopts total cost control cost control more appropriate than local logistics function. The total cost of the system control is a main factor decide the success or failure of the modernization of logistics, logistics cost control should aim to reduce logistics cost. Too much logistics service not only failed to reduce logistics cost, but also hindered the realization of the logistics efficiency. Therefore, under normal circumstances, in order to ensure the improvement of customer logistics service, prevent the occurrence of excess logistics service, Shanghai air freight company should be taken into account in the user's industry characteristics and the characteristics of the goods, on the basis of fully coordinated with the client, discuss and seek ways to reduce logistics cost. Air freight company 丨 ( /系统)
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