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luxury superyacht lost at sea after falling off cargo ship

by:CNS     2019-10-28
A luxury superyacht owned by an Italian billionaire slipped into the Mediterranean from a cargo ship and disappeared at sea. My Song, a 40-meter (130-foot)
At the time of the incident, the stylish heir Marina Luigi Loro Piana\'s 130 custom yacht in the Baltic Sea was being transported from the Spanish island of Mallorca to Genoa, Italy.
According to media reports supported by sea tracking data, this is the last stop it sailed from the Caribbean. The prize-
The winning yacht was later photographed in half.
Drowning in the sea.
On June, my song was played at the annual Loro Piana Super Yacht Regatta in Porto Sevo, Sardinia, Italy, as a returning winner.
The regatta will be hosted by high heir Loro Piana
Clothing company with the same name, worth $1.
According to Forbes, 2018.
The yacht received multiple awards and titles, including the best yacht of the World Superyacht Award, and created a speed record in last year\'s RORC transatlantic competition. The prize-
The winning ship fell into the sea from the cargo ship and was later photographed halfsubmerged.
Courtesy Press marepters & May, the logistics company responsible for transporting yachts, issued a statement earlier on Sunday confirming its losses.
\"On May 26, 2019, we were told that a yacht was lost on the MV Brattinsborg deck of about 0400hr LT.
My Song, the yacht is on the yacht.
Upon receipt of the news from Peters & May, he directed the captain of MV Brattinsborg to try the salvage for the third time
David Holly, chief executive of Peters and May, said in a statement: \"The party rescuer has been appointed . \".
Mr. Holley confirmed that the investigation into the cause of the incident had been carried out, adding that the preliminary assessment concluded that the cradle of the yacht had \"collapsed\" during the voyage, resulting in the loss of the boat falling into water.
He added that the cradle was owned and provided by the yacht and assembled by its own crew.
Completed in 2016, my song was described by a professional Finnish yacht manufacturer Baltic yacht as \"state-of-the-art, multi
\"Character custom superyacht\" made of advanced carbon fiber laminate \".
At the time of the incident, custom ships owned by fashion heir Wharf Luigi Loro Piana were being transported between Mallorca and Genoa.
Courtesy News mare yacht is equipped with high
Performance technical features, such as an interchange cruise or racing main sail and a retractable propulsion system, can be twice as many as the stern propeller.
My songs can accommodate up to 8 people, and the design features include \"spectacular deck salon with hull and superstructure ports\" and \"skylight with panoramic out-of-the-ramp view \".
A spokeswoman for Baltic Yacht told CNN in an email that although the company was unable to comment on the details of the incident, \"It was a very sad news and we felt sorry for the owner
\"The company will not comment on the cost of the ship.
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