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Machine Charter Shipping

by:CNS     2020-05-02
To transport by flight form limited cargo space often, so when the cargo volume is larger, charter transportation becomes the important way. Segmented charter transportation is usually divided into charter and parts of the machine. So-called machine charter refers to airlines or the agency in accordance with the contract and the conditions of the two sides agreed in advance in freight will lease rent the whole plane machine, from one or several mode of transportation of the goods to the specified destination airport. Part of the charter is to point to by several air freight forwarder or consignor chartered a plane, or by a charter company sell a plane space respectively to several forms of carriage of goods by air freight forwarder. Relative parts of machine is suitable for transporting a ton but cargo less than the whole goods and cargo under this form was lower than those of flight to transport, but because of the need to wait for other owner's ready goods, so the delivery time longer. Charter flight to transport meets the need of large quantities of goods import and export transportation, at the same time charter flights transportation flight freight than form and low, and the changes over the international market supply and demand situation, brought charter people's potential benefits. But are calculated by round-trip charter transportation collecting fees, there is the risk of return empty. Compared with the flight transportation, charter transportation can be mutually agreed voyage load-point tenant planes and a stop in the airport, so more flexibility, but because of the need for safety because of governments, and to safeguard the interests of the domestic airlines, for foreign airlines plane through their territory is often sharply limits its airspace or landing, complex tedious formalities for examination and approval of greatly increase the operating costs of the charter transportation, so it is not much use charter business.
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