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Magnet lifters are made of rare earth magnets.

by:CNS     2020-06-19
Since a lifter is made of a permanent magnet, it can be moved to different worksites with ease. On the other hand, a lifter made of electromagnets uses electricity to charge the magnet so it can hold material. Often, electromagnetic lifters are run on DC current, and thus, require a constant power, which can be an additional overhead expenses in production. Also, electromagnet lifters poses a few dangers when there is a power outage. There are many industries that integrate lifters into their set of equipment. Lifters are efficacious in producing lightweight and cost-efficient way of transporting heavy materials. Manufacturing companies and other industries that deal with large materials and heavy equipment find it beneficial to have magnet lifters to move around such materials. Lifters use magnets to hold securely and firmly heavy materials without requiring clamps, slings and other holding devices. You can be confident that the task of carrying, moving and transporting heavy materials and equipment can be done safely, quickly, and more efficiently, thereby, making your company more productive. In addition, you can save on the overhead expense of your staff as lifters only require one man to operate, instead of having two or more people to carry and transport the said materials. Lifting magnets are a flexible work-handling device. Any ferrous metal object-including bundles of rod or scrap to large and heavy blocks-of any size can be moved. There are many advantages to gain from lifting magnets. You can eliminate the necessity to drill and tap hole in parts so that eyebolts can be latched onto to move them. In many instances, these holes require filling up while the surface should be refinished, which both can add to the cost of the product. Magnet lifters are particularly useful if there are crates of parts requiring machining. More often, these parts are located in a package side by side to make use of the entire space in a container. If the parts are situated so that the operator can access the parts from above, a lifting magnet can be used to a single part, and lift it vertically out of the container. Lifting magnets save time by reducing the blocking and slinging. They can also eliminate or decrease waste. They can also reduce the product damage commonly caused by chains, hooks, and other mechanical grabs. Magnet lifters, regardless of their materials, have rated capacity listed on the nameplate. This capacity relates to a specific thickness. Hence, they should be sized properly to produce optimal results and to maximize their capacity.
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