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Main equipment of railway freight station

by:CNS     2021-07-04
Main equipment of railway freight yard 2021-06-20 14:36:09 Railway freight yard mainly includes the following equipment. ① Wiring, including loading and unloading lines, storage lines, pull-out lines, rail scale lines, etc. ②There are various warehouses, including stockyards, cargo platforms, warehouses, and cargo sheds. ③Loading, unloading and overhauling equipment. ④ Roads and drainage equipment. ⑤ Weight checking equipment, including scales, truck scales (weighbridges), railroad scales, electronic scales, etc. ⑥ Goods yard equipment, including various equipment required for loading and unloading operations and storage of goods, such as springboards, moisture-proof sleepers, moisture-proof tarps, etc. ⑦ Premises, including cargo room, loading and unloading workers’ lounge, loading and unloading machinery repair station, guard room and other production and living rooms, large and medium-sized cargo yards are also surrounded by walls. In addition, lighting equipment, communication equipment, fire-fighting equipment, electronic computers, industrial televisions and other modern equipment are also installed in the cargo yard. The cargo yard with more livestock loading and unloading is also equipped with livestock loading and unloading and drinking water equipment. Some freight yards are also equipped with truck washing and decontamination equipment.
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