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by:CNS     2020-12-14
2016 - 05 - 14 12:18:00 in international ocean transportation, transportation of goods, variety, according to different types of goods and use cargo ship type, loading and unloading equipment also is different. In this issue we from two aspects of ship type, loading and unloading equipment for specific goods how to transport large pieces of goods. 1. The truck. Truck transportation use PCTC ( PURECAR卡车载体) And its main characteristic is to use single deck ( Generally high in 3 - 4 meters) Hold can accommodate large trucks, the maximum load for the Marine stern jump up to 45 tons, load up to 3 tons per square meter, so it can allow the overweight truck through the tail to jump into the cabin of the ship. 2. Large equipment. Transportation of large equipment, in general, is more complex, some parts may have large size, large tonnage, cannot use the common container transportation, and some parts can use container transport. RORO commonly used at present, this kind of equipment AND CONTAINER side-hulls, can carry large parts AND containers at the same time, so is the ideal form of large equipment transportation choice. This boat is equipped with what handling equipment is reasonable? BOLSTER FLATBED this equipment is suitable for the 4 meters long, heavy within 28 tons of large components. The goods by the crane to the tablet, lifting height is less than one meter, To avoid the goods in the process of lifting the damage of goods caused by swinging, flip) And then use a special nylon tape ( Its rigid equal to steel wire rope, but relative to steel wire rope can greatly reduce the wear and tear on the surface of the goods) Or wire rope gasket, fixed on the plate, the goods by the forklift through tail jump the goods into the cabin of the ship. ROLLTRAILER overweight, this equipment is suitable for the transport bulky cargo, could theoretically be carrying 25 metres long and weigh up to 120 tons of cargo, but due to the tail jump and pulling the head of the transport capacity of limit bearing capacity, the actual bearing capacity are small. ROLLTRAILER passed by since the generation of mop head ship stern jumped into the cabin, can realize zero damage to the goods. 3. The train carriage. Due to a longer train cars, 40 meters long so the general ROLLTRAILER transportation can because of the limitation of hatch body can't rotate into chamber. SPECIALDESIGNEDTRAILERS ( Special tire bogie) Tires can solve this problem, the device can realize rotate 360 degrees, can be turned into compartment when the tail into the tank of the ship.
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