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Many days and many nights passed in what seemed

by:CNS     2020-06-10
Three car transport companies had entered into the heroes' alliance, providing the means for us chosen ones to be transported to our deaths. They didn't expect any of us to make it out alive, and neither did we. The economy had bottomed out; the cars on those transports were now worth exactly nothing as no one had any money with which to buy them. That abominable beast had laid thousands of eggs across the planet's surface, which had hatched into giant fire-breathing earthworms. Cities had looked like the covers of comic books-but take it from someone who lived it. There was nothing comical about it. I barely got out with my skin intact. A handful of average Joes like me had been hand-picked from the assembly lines and sent on this 'honorable quest,' as the powers-that-be had put it. They got me out of bed in the middle of the night and put me on a boat. I arrived at the edge of nowhere to find a handful of car transport vehicles-the kind that they use to drive a whole bunch of cars from one place to another. The car transports were fully loaded down with cars, and they told us to get in. So, there I was, riding down a narrow dirt road in the jungle, inside a compact sedan that was strapped to the back of a car transporter-headed in the direction of the main worm hive. When the pyramid came into sight, I finally started to understand why they'd picked car transporters to bring us here. We were going to outnumber the thing and kill it. I wasn't sure how these cars were going to navigate the jungle terrain until we got right up to the pyramid. It was sitting atop a perfectly smooth surface. From the tip of the pyramid, I could see a tiny pinprick of light, and slime was oozing out of it. The vile thing that had burned my home town to the ground was inside that thing. Then, I saw the base on the pyramid. There was a tunnel bored into it. We were going to drive in there and blast the dickens out of that worm-thing. The car transport came to a slow stop, and I started to hear raps on the doors of the other cars. I opened my door and looked down. A messenger boy wearing a baseball cap was making his way to me. 'Mister? You're going to lead the way in. They told me to give this to you, mister.' He handed me what looked like a flashlight, but when I saw it, I realized that it was a bomb. I climbed down from the car transporter and took in the full view of the situation. Workers were already beginning to unload passenger vehicles from the back of the car transport. Mine was next. When I finally rode home on that same car transport, I was covered in blue slime. Most of the other cars had been destroyed. My skin never got its original color back. Content distributed on behalf of National Transport LLC with their express permission. All Rights Reserved 2012. Our customers count on us time and again for expedited transport of their autos, motorcycles, RV's, boats, classic cars, heavy machinery, and other vehicles. We have open trailer and enclosed vehicle transport carriers and provide automobile transport for both running and non-running vehicles. Click here to access our website and find out more.
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